WW stats/reports Arabia

12 September

On Arabia all are in ND-meta (nearly)

The reports I have is on ND WW from ND.NE except the last one that is from a player in HHh, a one player ally.






I don’t think there is a real competition here. Second WW and down stood still on 10 before they started to build again.



15 September

…ND WW zeroed:




WW level 68 – will be done on 7 days if nothing happens.



22 September


2054 players:

2000 qualify by pop, 267 pop needed.

15 by off, 412 points needed. Most of this players had a lot more but have been destroyed.

5 by def, 2837 points needed.

Interview with Right, leader last Final

ND are 95 % one team but there were some newcomers who are small minded but they are out.

Most of ND attacking our WW because there is no competition.

Yes we will cooperate in the final with ARB meta that plays on the International server but we must agree on a fundamental issues we believe at and we will not change.

Primary enemy in Final are Dacia & 777. Our first goal is that they lose and the secondary goal is that we will win.

Other countries to cooperate with are our friends and partners Thai , Spain and PT.

I will not be the leader in Final

I hope that I will have the time to play in the next server.

Thank you


One of the last reports



WW reach level 100 at 1:56 server time, second to finish.


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