WW-stats 19 september

Arabia and Russia is now the two qual servers with highest WW – level 88. 75 hours left from 89.

Ballistic for France/China s one level behind on 87.

ŞAHİNPENÇESİ from Turkey lost some levels now on 82.

RocknRolla/777 in Germany was down from 80 to 26 today, Mystic WolfesTF is now highest with level 62. Reports in Germany tread.

On International the struggle keeps on. Minka representing CIN meta is in leading with WW level 52. Hellas got a hit and is down from 48 to 26. Arabs holds rank 2 and 3 with levels 50 and 35.

International and Germany is the only ones with a real endgame as it feels. But its still 3 days left before the first server can end, maybe some hammers are hidden and affects the outcome.

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