Players 2nd day

Time for the first counting. 7 servers compared with 15 servers last year after two days. Many players things this new setup make the qual more exiting and planes are running wild about what strategy to use. It is more talk between servers and it will be interesting to see how it will continue.

We have lost more players. I think many of them don’t dare to try other servers already in qualification and I know that many will not play again because of the problems last Final.

As it looks it will be no problem to qualify on any server. All was down under 4000 players last year and you need to be on pop 2000 to qualify

Not time to despair for too low participation in Final yet. It is the most devoted that still plays and we got some new players too. Maybe more will fulfill the server.

I’m still not pleased with the announcements for Final. Travian Games is better on advertising now, using facebook and youtube but they have too many sites and forgets to upgrade them.

Not even the Tournament page is correct yet.


Players Last year
International 4100 5300
Arabia 9900
Arab Emirates 12600
Saudi Arabia 4800
Group A .de 3400 2000
Group B .tr 6800 5200
Group C .fr 4300 2000
Group D .ru 4800 3300
Group E .cz 4750 2200
38050 37400
Hungary Group D 1300
Poland Group D 2300
Scandinavia 1300
Balcan 2100
Spain/Chile Group C/Group E 2000
Portugal/Brazil Group E/Group B 1700
Asia Group A/Group B 2300

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