Second village

I have counted (or my “eyes” have).

On International we have 17 new villages. Half of them from my ally DI (proud) and I’m one of them (chuckle).

On Arabia 15 new villages. A bit low for so many players. Siege have most.

On Germany (Group A) 45 new villages. NB (Asia) and NoName (German) is outstanding.

Turkey: (Group B) 39 new villages. DİRİLİS turk ally have most.


France (Group C) 70 new villages. -$G0D$- (French) and ExTReme (Ukraine) have been fastest.

Russia (Group D) 97 new villages. Not surprised that they have more then any other server. GM have most.


Czech (Group E) 59 new villages Koruna have the fastest players.

This guy from Asia on Germany server was fastest of them all – Friday evening.


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