Top10 week 10

22 August


One more week and a few steps closer to my review about Germany qualification – lol. I have began with interviews but instead of continue with those tonight I did a jigsaw puzzle, I have to admit I’m very addicted to these 🙁

My little village on com qualification is sleeping peacefully, I do some adventures now and then in hope to get something valuable to sell – not that I need it. I have 30K silver to change for gold if I got the need.

Last week I got phalanxes 2 times in a row, 316 + 318 and a few adventures later 167 pathfinders. Suddenly my poor troops was starving and no resources on adventures! I was lucky my warehouses was full so I could npc for both crop and one more level 11 crop field. After that I got resources two times in a row…

I’m still only training scouts, the rest I’ve got on adventures.



Three  quads, three metas and two WWs each.



You might have seen the reports Nallukka posted but they was nice and can’t resist to repeat them.

Large eyes stolen


the from VN met a wall



Shmel and Landro busy again, this time the unique trainer was the target.



I’ve heard complains that VN attacks is mostly single attacks and too easy to defend.





Well, if you are going to break habits do it carefully. All WWs taken.





SMURFS is satisfied with their def walls. A really nice ram hammer from Mafia.







Still only one WW taken – by an alliance that claims they are sleeping trough the server.








COF has now 3 WWs and BESTIE had joined too.





Wtf and PL have also WWs now.



I can’t find the Alliances Top10..



A ram hammer on the run.

Hammers in oases lives dangerous.



A small fool stolen




All WWs except one belonging to LR meta.





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