Review Germany

30 September


Well at last =) I’m starting on a new server today too. Time isn’t for sure enough. But that can’t be unknown among Travian players ^^

The interviews were made last week when only a few WW was taken. Today it looks  different 🙂 Who the  WW owners are mirrors the significant with this server. They all in theory belong to the same meta even if not – maybe – in practice. I have counted alliances with more than 5 members.


Maps and interviews




A colorful map where China (NB) is dominating in the NE, SPQR i the SE and NewOrder in the SW.


1791 players (all have qualified)

1507 active

235 online

1017 natars (less than on any other server)


Romans 44%

Teutons 16%

Gauls 40%


Artefacts ( I haven’t checked if artefacts have changed owner since I did the table)

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