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It’s time for a review on the International qualification server, it is in two parts. A summary  on the blog and details here in my Corner including more maps and interviews.

I have counted players in Top60 alliances and some random up to Top80.  After that it’s average 5 players per ally up to Top100 and 11 pages with 1-2 players per ally. In total I’ve assigned 1740 accounts to the bigger alliances plus around 500 more in those with few members.


There will be no problem to qualify on this server for active players. It’s a real summer round, many plays only to get a ticket. I have to admit I’ve been quite lazy myself, taking the chance to enjoy real life ^^


I’ve also checked the alliance profiles to get the official cooperations. I find it rather funny that Vietnam, being the biggest meta – due to numbers I’ve found – believes themselves having less accounts than Ghetto and therefore claims it’s necessary to find other alliances to cooperate with.



Vietnam 450 accounts

Vietnam has few enemies in their quad. A small Portuguese alliance and one from Lithuania for example. They also have a confederation with PP in SE. I’ve seen reports from attacks at the border to SE.




  1. A short presentation of your alliance. If I have ask that before:  Why did you choose to settle in (NE, NW, SE, SW)?
    2. Which enemies do you have in your quad?
    3. Are you going for the win this server and if so what are your expectations?
    4. What do you think about the other alliances on this server? VN, Ghetto, Irans, Bulgarians for example.
    5.Tell us an  anecdote, something fun that have happened to you in Tournament.


VN2 Ruby


1.My name is Ngoc, (Ruby in game). I am diplomatist of Vietnam team in this year. We settled in the Northeast because it was the traditional area of my team in the finals.

  1. It may be quite early to determine our opponents in the NE because diplomatic relations are gradually established. We are also very welcoming to cooperate with international friendly if they have the same purpose as us.
  2. Of course, winning at this server is our goal and I think that is also the goal of all the alliances participating tournaments. To achieve that goal, we will play with the solidarity and fighting spirit of our nation, and a indispensable element is the cooperation and support from our coalition, the new friends that we will link to this server.
  3. Ghetto, Iran, Bulgarian, Russian, М-Λ’s are all powerful alliances in this server. At the present, Ghetto, Bulgarian, X3- Russians, М-Λ’s have been coalition. I am afraid because this will make the server become unbalanced. So we maybe need to link to the other alliances of the server to make the game more balanced.


VN4 Blow


1- A group of VN players with scattered english speaking players from different countries (Europe / Middle East).

2- Enemies in our Quad: Some players from SSG/PT alliances. Small alliances in the NE like SEX.

3- I would say Yes but with difficulties especially from the Bulgarian /SSG players. My expectations for the finals: Ghetto Vs VN Vs Bulgaria. I don’t think the P.T will do much in this server.

4- Other Alliances:

– Ghetto: has excellent players and will be seen in the race for the WoW for sure. Yet, having excellent players doesn’t guarantee you the winning.

– Bulgarian: will have their word in the race if they stay the same till the end of the server.

– Iranians: half of their players will leave the game before the race.

– VN: I won’t talk about our alliance and let the others give their opinions.

5- The funny thing is that I registered randomly to kill the time and was planning to delete few days later. . . I don’t know why I am still playing.

The other thing when I launched my farm list and only 15-20% of the attacks were sent because players were banned and I was hitting my computer twice thinking its a problem with my PC.


RSH MC Jofke


1. We are RUSH alliance, com3 winners. Almost everybody in our alliance are from Lithuania. Most of the people from Lithuania are playing in .ru qualification, but we made a different choice. After winning the com3 server which was very long and tiring in the server end meeting after the first day we discussed about possibility to spend summer and try playing in the qualification. We don‘t have many goals here, since we are here only 15 out of 70+ players we played last time and we are not planning to play in this year’s finals. If everything goes right we will come here with full force for next qualification/finals, but for now we are just gathering information and resting after com3. We selected NE just for convenience of putting coordinates (we don’t need to use – while sending troops/resources), also there were not many strong alliances at that moment.

2. We don’t have any enemies per se, but currently a lot of Vietnamese guys are spawned nearby, so they should be our enemies.

3.No, we are not going for the win. Just for the good time.

4. I don’t have an opinion about them, it’s first time I see them anywhere and alliances should be judged by their midgame/endgame.

5. MC Semtex account. Everything and at the same time nothing fun is with his account, last server he was one of the best players in the team, he was dualing with mc vasaroju (mc summertime in english) and both of them are playing separately and became almost like a farms.



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