Reports week4+5

14 July



The review from International will be posted tomorrow/today Saturday afternoon, it is in two parts – one for the Travian blog and one for the forum.



If you haven’t seen the last reports between Tuomiopäiva and Bomber. it will be repeated in an interview tomorrow.

After the interview with Valkira from PP which includes two successful deffings I got one more report from her where they lost a village.






Joar from Winter amusing himself with chiefing villages.




Reports from Russia forum by Loky



Revenge from ZeusTalos


Loky follows him back home.


РУБОП stealing two villages from alvydelis2 LTU


First village

Second village




There was a bug last week when ally points wasn’t given as they should. Troja is sad because they did’t get a medal for this defense.


NB (China) defending with short notice.




NB attacking Dogma


NB meeting a wall at MERAK




CS is out enjoying, 2 zeroed villages and one chiefed





A wall for CS







FL meets a wall at Dacia

Full report


PL vs Dacia    Reports on FR forum

FL vs Dacia




COQ vs Dacia




Dacia vs FL


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