International part 2



Ghetto&Co 280 accounts


Ghetto with their allied X3 and Μ-Λ is the meta that so far have been the more lively. They are involved in several wars. BH, PP and R@K. They have their hands full and seems to have real fun.




  1. A short presentation of your alliance. If I have ask that before:  Why did you choose to settle in (NE, NW, SE, SW)?
    2. Which enemies do you have in your quad?
    3. Are you going for the win this server and if so what are your expectations?
    4. What do you think about the other alliances on this server? VN, Ghetto, Irans, Bulgarians for example.
    5.Tell us an  anecdote, something fun that have happened to you in Tournament.


Ghetto Tuomiopäivä


  1. Well, we wanted to have balanced map so every META would be in different quad. That way it is the fairest fight for the win.


  1. Some small alliances like R@K, PP, BH. Not much to deal with even if I think other big METAs have even less to do in their own quad.


  1. Are we going for the win? That is a stupid question Saf.


  1. VN in +/+ seems to have lot of players again. Like 400 in their alliances + surely some multi accounts without any alliance. They are allied with PP and BH so they have around 600 accounts at least there. With that many accounts you surely have chances to win even if you don’t know how to play.


Iranians in -/- have very quiet quadrant so I’m expecting to see lot of hammers and def from them after artefacts. I have heard rumours about their multi accounts so I can’t tell you how many accounts they have in total. Surely have chances.


Bulgarians in -/+ is a new one for me so I can’t tell you much about them. One of their alliances is allied with BH which is allied with VN and PP so I don’t know if Bulgarians and VN are playing together in the end. That would be insane number of accounts there


  1. One day I saw VN guy having 2 villages. I thought it was a miracle before I woke up.


Μ-Λ Mike 21

Hi, my name is Michalis. I am from Greece and I am 36 years old. I don’t remember anymore how long I have been playing Travian. I am a proud member at HellasDreamTeam, with my alliance we won 4 tournaments in a row. Unfortunately our leader decide to not participate at this round for personals reasons. Now we are M-Λ alliance, we are friends (family) from hellasdt. We know how to win and we hope we will do it again. We respect our allies and all together we are working for the win.


This map contents both PP/BH&Co (black) 200  accounts and single alliances (blue) 260 accounts, in total 460 accounts.

PP and BH have ccooperation with VN in NorthEast.

BH  Mystique


  1. Alliance is founded by Hippy who is veteran but didn’t play for a while and his wife, Valkerie.So, we dont know each other from before like other alliances does.Well there is no specific reason why we are settling SE, most of our members are located there but we have members all over the map lol.


2. Our enemies at our quad are Ghetto, Μ-Λ and the rest of their coalition.


3. I don’t think so we are going to win this server because I think we don’t have enough players for something like that + we are outnumbered by every coalition for like x2.. I think we will just support some of others coalitions in their fight against Ghetto and Μ-Λ. Personally, I don’t have any expectations, I just hope we will have great time playing this server.


4. Well i think every quad of the map have good coalition on it and that’s good. I don’t know about Bulgarians but I think Persians and Vietnams are decent opponents to Ghetto. At the end, we respect all alliances.We will do our best and I hope so we will earn respect from other alliances, we are rookies here and we need to show them what we got.


5. At first I wanted to join PP. I messaged Valkira and waited for her reply. Later, I got invite from Valkerie (now BH 2 leader). I thought Valkira from PP invited me and I accepted invite. When I joined alliance I realized I join the wrong one and I was like, wtf, how did I get there, this is the wrong alliance lol. But I decided to stay there and I think I did not madea  mistake about it.


PP Valkira


  1. I did not know that so many players from the Balkans (more precisely from EX YU) were playing the qualification and Miko (Tuomiopäivä) called us to play with the Ghetto Alliance so we decided to come to the + – cord SouthEast. 🙂
  1. This story continues ….. Miko was proud of the PP Alliance and PP decided to play against Ghetto. Very simply if he will not be with us then it will be against … and the Ghetto and the Balkans that joined them: D
  2.  My expectations are a good game, fun and social.
  3.  Some alliances are developed but are not as strong as it is thought ….. PP has cooperation with VN and it works great.   

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