Review Germany – SPQR



SPQR, 11 alliances 325 players. Also supposed to cooperate with China in Final due to NB profile.


Artefacts: 12 in total, 7 small, 4 large and 1 unique.


5 WWs on 100/0 (report), 100/-100, 0/-100, 0/100 on the border between NB and the german alliances in North, and finally 9/-8 in Gray zone.


Francesco SPQR


Safiren: I’m very curious why SPQR is the only  one with a WW.


Francesco: I think there is no a particular reason, in a hard server you take WW later also because you have 1000 other things to do, so to conquer WW at day 50 is only a problem, better to do it later. On a round like quali is not important the time of the conquer, so SPQR conquered the WW before  the others.

Maybe the owner ( Orion ) wanted also to do easy atk points because his hammer started to eat a lot of crop..

For the rest I don’t know, we don’t know the plans of the others group in Quali B, it’s also true that we have 0 enemy in the quadrant and in the other quadrant there is war so they are waiting to take WW.


Ehm.. our WW is not really a competition, we build ww without any real serious project, just for don’t sleep 120 days, because now we are sleeping from day 1 to today 😀


Safiren: Which war are you talking about?


Francesco: China (NB) vs Germany for example.

Nothing to add, just that we are not playing, leaders offline, players offline, and if god wants we will play finals. We still have to decide if we will play, so of course we don’t know with who we will play.



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