Endgame is here! A prediction

21 September 2018


Travian Games asked me to contribute with something to their “Ask Travian” about the Tournament. One of the topics was a prediction about how the qualification servers will end. As it turned out the video will be published the 16th October when most servers will have only days before they have a WW on level 100 so a prediction would be very outdated 😀


So I decided to use it here instead 🙂 Let’s take a look on the situation just now, before the plans are released.


International: Well, all think that they will win :D,  P.T (Iran) is sure they will win – at least they have most WW villages, 6, and the unique architect. Ghetto believes they are the only ones that are really active. Vietnam have a strong position in North East. D.A.D in NorthEast also wants to participate in the run. Here it will be about who has more WWKs than the others.

The most important WWs will be Tuomiopäivä, CatChMe-Team, dolongdao and Darkorpse



Russia: The BAD/Hype!/ Cerber meta is as always the favorites. Maybe WINter can challenge them this year, they have the unique architect. We have MAFIA in NorthWest and SMURFS (Baltic) in Southeast, both without architect.

I think I will only name 2 WW here, the ones Плюшкин and Spamer is holding. The others are more or less for fun.



Germany: Here it will be between NB (China) and SPQR. NB (5 WW) has the unique but SPQR have had a lot of time to build big hammers. NewOrder have been the most active alliance but is too small to have enough of def for a WW.

I say that it is between  orion981 and devil_u the real fights will be.


I found this report, to not make the sender too embarrassed, I hidden his name.



Turkey: The invited domains  CZ and NL have done well and have 6 WW together. They should still be outnumbered by Turkish alliances but we will see, they have the unique 😀 COF has been the dominating meta the last rounds but I’m sure TD is a good challenger and they would be very happy to beat COF.

Hard choice here.. The COF!, Oroniel and Tirsin Ulan will be Top 3.

But wait – I found a scout report, this WW is well defended so early. Might be CS primary WW then.



France: As on International it is hard to predict the outcome. We have 2 french constellations, Dacia, Poland and Latinos.  My guess is that the final battle will be between Dacia and Poland. But where?

A wild guess: Brak Formy, RocknRolla, Caps&Gala, Error404 and Millonairos



Arabia: As usual the server consists more or less of one big meta.  LR, Legends Return, has all WWs except one.

I vote for LR-CA number 3 on the list because I recognized a friend 🙂


So what do you think? How many of my prediction will come true? 😀




I got reports from Germany today. Emperor lost his hammer when a village was chiefed and he asked me if I know a chinese that speak English so he could send his congrats. The only one I know is Hugo and I don’t know which account he plays on so I forwarded it.


Emperor: I want to congratulate them on their huge success yesterday. That hit was something I totally didn’t expect.

The hammer I lost

Hugo: He is a strong warrior. It is NB’s honour to defeat him.


Full report https://www.getter-tools.de/report/2792/mb5uL42E


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