Top10 week 14, reports and BP def

19 September 2018

The endgame is approaching 🙂 The construction plans arrives on Friday and the battle to get  a WW to level 100 will begin 🙂

The def in plans have been the same several years in a row. I will appreciate reports from this year 🙂

A 30 gold voucher is the reward for the first report from each server!


Top 10




Is it no way to stop this disgusting violence of the game? It’s a joke. I should prefer there was no rewards in Tournament…


Usually it’s hammers found in oases so an anvil is unexpected. Expensive for both parts.







A hammer found – and not in an oasis!



Large architect stolen but Kira took it back 50 minutes later


Full report:,1131977b2ed,11319806064,113199ff7ec,11320052c82,113201e26ab,1132021bcdb







First reported attacks on a WW.

ok.. I miss a part of this report, failed attempt of chiefing. The defender was BlackPanter from TT.



My borrowed account here is a farm 😛




Troops hidden in oases – pof!



There is always a lot of reports in CS chat and a lot of them is between TD and CS


More waves:


Tugra sending a lot of attackes on a NL WW. Comment in CS chat: “I think 2.5 mille def mas maybe a bit too much :P”

I think this one was the biggest.

Some of the other waves:







Dacia also have a lot of reports in their chat. Most of them is between FL (Latinos) and them so I chose one from Poland for variety.







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