World Wonders

World Wonders

The trend that WWs are taken early continue. Already before artefacts 5 was taken. Now every meta has its own. SÜVARİ (Turkey) was the first and took the WW -100/100 in a revenge for the broken coalition with Dacia. Will Dacia take it back? Turkey has shown they have a lot of defence so it will not be easy. WW 480 pop. No Architect.

Maybe Dacia has decided it isn’t worth it – yet. Instead they took a WW in Gray zone, -12/2 – as the last of the metas. 254 pop. Great architect.

In Uollas it was Shield  (Arabs) that settled on 100/100,  they have not surprising they have been building around it since the start. 588 pop. The COF (Turkey) holds a second WW at 100/0. 445 pop. Great architect and Unique Confusion.

In SouthEast we have two metas, For Immortals it is Prime, mainly Russians, that holds the WW at 100/-100. 626 pop. Great architect.

CUP, mixed international,  took the WW on 0/-100 351 pop. No Architect.

Union  (Russian + mixed international) has -100/-100 of course. 293 pop. Great and Unique Architect.

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