Week8 – 8 January


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The new year started with the artefacts arrival as usual. Compared to last year it was 34% more def in small, 14% more in Large and Unique.




The conquering times was a little more protracted than last year, probably due to the less amount of players, but most was gone in 4 hours as usual. The first, a Great architect, was taken by Gargamel, Dacia, at 13:13 and the last one, Small architect, at 23:30 by Fullofbeans CP PT-BR.

Unique boots: Бешенный_ГАЛ from Hype! at 13:33

Unique Eyes: Gang Świeżaków from CUP-Ac at 13:55

Unique Diet: Draconus Dacia K at 14:02

Unique Fool: Kaoru NB-青龍 at 14:06

Unique Architect: Efet from BAD at 14:07.

Unique Trainer: RedHarpies Wallace at 14:15

Unique Confusion: Itagliani Wallace at 15:02

The artefacts distribution

I will write more about this in the War diaries on Friday.

Artefacts in NorthEast and SouthWest

Artefacts in SouthEast

Artefacts in NorthWest

I have to continue on this tomorrow, bed is calling.

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