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I was on vacation when I got the first part of this story. It’s awesome when I get a story and not only reports so I rewarded it with my last 50 gold voucher 🙂

Hugo from NB (China) is the storyteller.

When the sun rises up, the workers are busy on repair the villages. In recent days, Chinese NB is fighting against CUP Alliance. WildDog become CUP team’s new objective. His villages are being hardly broken, and the workers are trying their best on the defence construction and repair before CUP army comes again.

At 10:00:XX, 23/12/2018

‘bing,,,,bing,,,,,’ luckily the alarm is on again. All seven Wilddog villages receive enemies attack. However the defence construction is not complete yet.

‘scouts, go to Abby’s capital and report the alarm to NB council’ WildDogs shouted. ‘CUP army will arrive at 11:06:18

In the NB councils house, all generals are riots and worrying. Because WildDog’s villages are too far away. Not enough NB defence army can arrive before CUP start attack at 11:06:18. Moreover the walls of Wilddog villages are destroyed already. He will not able to stop CUP army again.

Luckily, another scouts report saves NB and Wilddogs.

‘My general,’ the scout says ‘we caught R.A.’s commender near 06.前线绞肉 ‭(‭7‬|‭−‭46‬‬)‬at 10:06:18s

Seems someone in CUP made a mistake. As the result, sunky and Abby ensure that the real attack will arrive 7 -46 at 11:06:18. NB start calling reinforce at 10:13:00. All NB army is going to 7 -46

‘However, is Wilddog able to build wall level 20 before CUP army arrive?’ Abby suspected

‘Don’t worry,,,,,’ sunky and Abby looked to the door. LSDG just came into the council house on time. ‘I can help Wilddog to repair the village’.

‘How?’ Abby asked.

‘For the victory of Chinese NB,,,,’ LSDG says’ I must use my secret weapon now,,,,,’

At 11:06:18

When CUP army arrive 7 -46, they are surprised the NB army and level 20 wall are ready for taking care of them:.

‘why?’ Don Corleone shouted. All his army clashed in 7 -46 ‘i had sent fake attacks on all seven Wilddog’s villages. why NB army can arrive 7 -46 within an hour?’

‘because R.A. is friend of Chinese NB.‘ WildDog says’ He tells us that your real objective is 7 -46. Therefore NB can concentrate on 7 -46. Thank you Mr R.A. very much’

‘But why the wall level 20 can be repaired within 1 hour?’

‘It is because of LSDG’s help’ Wilddog smiled. He took LSDG’s visa card out from the pocket and said ’LSDG gives his visa card to me. He buys 600 golds for me. Therefore I can finish the repair within an hour. ‘

‘If you have travian gold, cost will be paid by double revenue’


The second part is from the 4th January and even if Wilddog saved the day then there must have been more attacks later because the village is obviously destroyed now. I like the effort to amuse us so I paid 30 gold for this.

The workers of Wilddog are repairing their wall again. The war between NB and CUP is still continuing. After the victory of defence Don Corleone in 23/12/2018, WildDog pays much money to his workers and try repair defence without sleeping.

‘BING,,,,,,,BING,,,,,’ The alarm was ringing again.

‘Dear my lord’ scout reported’ 6 villages are being attacked. The attackers are Don Corleone and R.A. again! Their army will arrive from 22:16 to 22:53’

‘However my friends, Wilddog is still sleeping,’ Wilddog’s workers say’ Scout, maybe you can report it to the NB council firstly. I will try waking Wilddog up.’

Luckily in NB council, devil_u, tofung, master, Jannah still had not slept yet.

‘Actually they should attack 9 -48’ After 10 minutes discussion, they concluded’ If they do not attack Wilddog’s military base, they will not gain benefit.

‘There are only about 1 hour left to call army reinforcement.’ Devil_u said’ we must hurry and do not care the hungry of villages.’

However, when 06:16:26, the real attack arrive on Abandoned valley ‭(‭11‬|‭−‭45‬‬)‬, another Wilddog’s village

The loyalty of 11-45 was near zero. The soldiers of 11-45 were crying. After 11-45 being conquered, they will be disappeared too. Luckily help was close:

Wilddog using the Tablet of Law. Abandoned valley ‭(‭11‬|‭−‭45‬‬)‬finally become safe. Also 06:49:51, 01.前线绞肉 ‭(‭9‬|‭−‭48‬‬)‬ finally caught the real attack. However the NB defencers already arrived. Therefore 9 -48 also safety:.

Don Corleone*3

R.A. *4

PS: After the second battle between Don Corleone and Wilddog, Wilddog sent army to fight back on the next day:
01.前线绞肉 raids Czarna Perła

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