week 12 – Reports


I forgot my bigger laptop at work yesterday so I couldn’t do reports but here we go 🙂


I’m not sure if this report have been in the Discussion thread but it’s nice so I want to save it . A try on the Unique Architect.

full report https://bit.ly/2MRUfCu

A little story from SMURFS:

Yesterday WINTER organized a mass fake operation on us, so we decided to answer with our own. Four brave players went into a suicide mission to capture Antikiller WWk hammer village. After all, hard work and risk payed off:

And in the end the village was captured. WWk hammer of 300k Clubs 80k TKs 13k Catapults lost.

An attack on another Winter player

The war between Dacia and Dogma/FC continues

Dogma/FC fighting back

Nice catch 🙂

Gangsters ram hammer grows for every time I see it. He seems impossible to catch =)

and he have more off villages. The second time this guy lost his cap.

A WW report from Kira, got it thanks to my scouts so sorry can’t show the def.

IM vs Cup, hmm I cut the head..

Let’s finish with a story from Hugo

hugo234 from Hong Kong, chairperson and civil servant of Chinese NB, felt very sad. He was a general of defence and logistics. However what he caught is only fake attacks and his hero always gain not much experience. Therefore the NB members always laugh him as the Mascot of Chinese NB.

‘After the war of player not found’s attack, no Chinese players accept my hero if they collect enough defence because they afraid of fake attack.’ Hugo234 said.’ I must do something to break the mystery of the Mascot of Chinese NB.’

‘The real hammer attacks do not come,’ said by the new scout, the old scout disappeared after the war of Throwback.’ You can caught the attacks by yourself.’

‘Yes, maybe it is a good idea,’ hugo234 think,’ Lets me change my character as a attacker and attack other enemies’ army with my hero.’

Therefore hugo234 starting producing aggressive soldier and rams.

After a long time, chance is coming.

‘Report! CUP player called TheBeatle attacking us with 12 waves.’
‘send the reinforcement,’ hugo234 ordered,’ and summon the attack army back to my capitals. Prepare for war.’

Because of other NB’s help, hugo234’s village didn’t lose too much:

x11 waves

‘I should take revenge on him’ hugo234 said ‘The time zone of Poland is GMT+1. If I attack him when 3:00 to 6:00 at GMT+1, maybe he have not get any reaction.

As the result hugo234 try his first attack attempt on TheBeatle for revenge. The result is good:

‘It looks like that the tactic is work. Let get his village then.’

However, the next day, CUP’s revenge came again,,,,,,

‘The village is lost again’ the scout reported,’ the other CUP player called Abdias sent army to get TheBeatle’s village back:

report not found

‘ Nevermind. Let use the tactic again.’ Hugo234 said,’ send army to attack Abdias at night.

However this time it is not as success as before:

‘Although enemy lost several defence, our army has lose all attack force.’

‘Nevermind. My hero gain the experiment he wants.’ Hugo234 said.’ Let’s rebuild my army and finish them later again.’

The story of Mascot still not end yet. To be continuing,,,,,,,

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