Week 13 – 12 February

Week 13 – 12 February

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Building plans

10 days left to building plans and the endgame will begin. How do the supposed landing spots look? Will the planes arrive there or will they move as they did last year?

Several areas are really crowded, will it be enough to demolish a village to get the plan to land at the desired spot. We will see, for the moment the areas looks as follows.


-45/35 is occupied by a Dacia player but it’s still several free spots near. The players in the area is mainly from Dacia NV and nPL. A few players from Turkey is also visible.

18/30 the same here, a Dacia player holds the spot but there are free spots. Mainly nPL and nPLko. A lot of new small villages settled in the area.

-35/4 is in wilderness, the area conquered by Hype from Animals and nPL.


33/12 The spot is taken by Uollas and they also is the dominating alliance in the area. Interesting to find 2 Hype players not far. this bp will have to move, up or down is the question. If it moves down it will come closer to CUP. Of course they can decide to demolish the village..

12/33 is totally covered, the alliances are UollasL and Wallace. Due to my theory about how the plans coordinates is connected this can be a nail biter. Will the plan accept the spot they will make free for it or will it move further out? The counterpart to this plan is the one above.

10/56 is hold by a Shield player, many UollasL here tto but mixed up with other alliances in the meta. Totally crowded here too as you can see. A possible direction for the plan to move is closer to the NW border.

55/20, a player from Poilus, many from Wallace around. Free spots below.


The coordinates here is the equivalent to the ones in NorthWest.

30/-20 CUP-Ac holds it and is dominating the area. A few Prime can be seen. There are free spots close.

4/-35 is located in a lake. CUP-Ac and CUP-Ab is dominating the area. The nearest free spots is closer to BAD and NB.

44/-37, Im-PR-C is in majority in the area, really crowded. Free spots is far away.


-26/-25 this coords haven’t an equivalent in NorthEast as the other two in this quadrant. A Hype player has a village here, the area is a mixture of Union alliances. Crowded area but free spots in the lower part.

10/-57 is in the wilderness. Mostly BAD alliances around but also NB players quite near. Free spots available.

-55/-20 also in the wilderness, a mix of Union alliances  and a lot of free spots.

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