Week 12 – 5 February

Week 12 – 5 February

I forgot to post last weeks War diarys and we also had the Travian blog interviews today with two defensive players from NorthWest quadrant.


SouthWest, the Union quadrant, favorites beside Uollas to the victory. It isn’t much that differs between them if you look on the statistics below. When it comes to pop per players Union has a slight overweight. It’s unusual that our counting sheet shows 100% on all metas so enjoy 😀

Registered players 6438, Active 5906, Natar villages 26. It was 47 when I looked last week. Not easy to get 100 points on daily’s.

Read the War diaries on Friday for the summary 🙂

Union have been in superiority in their quad from beginning and the battles has been at the borders to SouthEast and NorthWest. Let’s see which alliances that have been most active.

SouthEast border: BADMAGIC rank 3 off and 10 def, 225 villages chiefed, IM most popular target, 63 lost – 9 to IM. BAD G rank 21 off and 27 def. 125 villages chiefed, 45 from UNI. 23 lost – 9 to IM the rest friendly.

NorthWest border: HYPE! rank 4 off and 3 def, 243 villages conquered – 95 from nPL, 52 from Turkey, 93 lost but only 7 from enemies. WINTER rank 8 off and 21 def, 223 villages chiefed 58 from Turkey and 59 from 777 and Smurfs, 71 lost – 13 from enemies. BAD Company rank 7 off and 18 def. 225 villages chiefed, most from NW, ANIMALS 40 for example but they also border to SE and ~20 from IM. Lost is 42 but  the pattern is a handful from enemies and the rest friendly.



I have very few interviews and that is because the Russian leaders refuse to participate because of how the bans have been handled. It is possible that in some cases the players have been innocent but I only have to read in my Corner chat to realize that different sorts of cheating or stretching the rules still is too common. And something that really upsets the players is the ones that only play for the rewards year after year, we all know who they are, and that TG doesn’t disqualify them.

As a consequence many Russian leaders and players will probably not play next  Tournament and that is sad because the challenge to play the Final will be reduced.

Questions for Union review

1. Your opinion about Uollas and their offensives: Did they choose the right targets or not?

2. What do you think of Dacia/Prime/Cup/Turks NW/Italians performance until now?

3. Will you play next Tournament?

4. Tell us about yourself: Male/female, age, profession. How long have you played Travian/Tournament? What do you do when you’re not playing?

5.What is the worst movie/series you’ve ever seen? Your favourite?

Promter BAD G

1. Well… It’s hard to judge another team ops, since I guess every team and every off-coordinator are pursuing their own goals. If I understood correctly, Uollas were interested in performing “the largest ops ever” and if i’m not mistaken they succeeded in reaching the largest number of participants on both sides. From this perspective, I assume, it was a success. If we consider the outcome or the gain/loss ratio, then I’d consider such ops a failure… If i were the off cor…

2. There was any? :O  Ok, just kidding. Tbh i  haven’t thought about other teams much, haven’t had time to do that yet. Only on a large scale. And i don’t see anything new happening. Each team lives up to its style. Save maybe for Turks and CUPs.

3. Definitely not. And i won’t be playing travian anymore either. I’m tired of selectiveness and inability to make things “same” for everyone. either you allow cheating for everyone or not, either you punish account/resource selling or not, either you delete units from everyone for scripts/bots or not. I can deal with anything as long as it’s equal treatment. but not as it is now.

Not to mention we are again at the same place where we started last year… player is always guilty dot. and for this he deserves to be humiliated, dot. as a consequence I’m tired to read frustrated words from ppl and I have nothing anymore to say back, coz they’re right. There is no single sensible reason to play this game anymore.

4. Female/35/scientist-waitress. Travian tournament i’ve been playing since 2012. Usually in between the servers I was trying to fix RL problems.

5. The worst series?… Hard to name any since I usually don’t go on watching something what i don’t like. And if i don’t watch then i don’t remember…

I got several favourite ones though. One of the first which come to my mind is russian version of El Internado, Gotham, Magnificent century….

Ah just reread the question, my three absolute favorite movies over time are Gone with the Wind, The Fifth Element, and Gladiator.

Monster Machine H.M.B.TT

1. May be / may be not , all i can say great defense point …

2. Prime and NB doing well , and Dacia !! well !! for -100/100 WW … Turks have all my R E S P E C T

3. I want to.. but not sure if I will manage to play another finals ..depends on where life takes me .. but will definitely be in touch with all friends here.

4. Well, my name is Abhishek Ghosh, Indian, male 28 years old and by profession after completing MBA I have started my own business …so a businessman with high aim of buying a Lamborghini in 3 years.

When I don’t play travian …I play FIFA simple 😛 …I can’t live without game .. I am addicted to gaming.

5. Worst are many but if you name 1 of them then Baywatch


& my favorite movie is 300 and favorite web series Narcos I love pablo escobar and another one I like the most is The Punisher.

Disco_ZoHaN H.M.B.TT

1. So so because i can rebuild those field in a few day

2. Don’t know

3.sure we play only Tournament server (Travian gonna die hehehe)

4. I am Disco_ZoHaN a noob player who play on Tournament (Sleep if i am not play)

5. No way pron

And since I started on Kingdoms test today you will have to wait for reports to tomorrow =)

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