Week 10 part 3 Reports

A selection of reports, I’ve been occupied with the review so I have only picked up a part of the reports in chats.


Uollas amazed us with a second offensive against Union this week


Player from Shield deleted but his troops still hit IM WW

A player from Army-COF also let his troops take a walk to IM

Revenge has the most popular WW but most reports looks as this.


Hugo wants to entertain us with a story again 🙂

The war story: Mascot of Chinese NB

hugo234 from Hong Kong, is the chairperson and civil servant of Chinese NB Alliance. However the members of Chinese NB only know his nickname: ‘Mascot of NB’. It is because the hero of hugo234 has a mystery power. 

He joined the joint-alliance defence action for many times, but his hero never meets the real hammer attack. Therefore when Chinese NB facing enemy’s joint-alliance attack, they will ask hugo234 send his hero to one of the objectives. Then they will concentrate their defence on another objective. Finally hugo234’s hero will always caught enemy’s fake attack.

21/1/2019 around 01:30
When hugo234 is ready to sleep, the alarm of Chinese NB communication group was ring. 

‘report, T 02 ‭(‭0‬|‭−‭92‬‬)‬ is being attacked by CUP. Please send reinforce to defence him.’

‘But is he real attack?’ I ask’ Do not cheat me.’

‘I swear it must be real hammer attack.’ The scout report’ believe me. My scout find that their army left from their village.’

Therefore hugo234 trusted the scout and sent the hero and his army to defence T 02 ‭(‭0‬|‭−‭92‬‬)‬

21/1/2019 around 02:45
‘Report, 7.一步三思 ‭(‭6‬|‭−‭59‬‬)‬ is being attacked by Throwback, general of BAD. The arrive time is 03:23:03’

‘Throwback’s army crashed 3 days ago.’ Hugo234 said ‘I guess this is fake attack.’

Тут вам не там! attacks 1118.No More Bet Pls

‘But Mascot has sent his hero to T 02 ‭(‭0‬|‭−‭92‬‬)‬.’ The other NB general said ‘Do not trust hugo234’s hero.’ 

‘We should sent all force to support 7.一步三思 ‭(‭6‬|‭−‭59‬‬)‬. ‘They concluded. ’Be quick. Only less than 45 minutes left. We should hurry.’

Finally, what hugo234’s hero face is fake attack, of course. Then he received a war report from 7.一步三思 ‭(‭6‬|‭−‭59‬‬)‬:

Маша и Медведь) attacks 7.一步三思

‘Hahaha,,,,,,’ Abby (another committee) laughed at hugo234. ’Thank you no defencing 7.一步三思 ‭(‭6‬|‭−‭59‬‬)‬. ‘

‘What the fXXX,’ hugo234 shouted ‘Scout! You dare to cheat me. Give the hero experiment back to me!!!!!!!!’

As the result, the scout disappeared from the world after the war. The nickname of NB Mascot is still continuing,,,,,,

Reports from CUP vs Prime










CUP vs Poilus

IM vs CUP Nice hammer but expensive victory.


Trafalgar law sent an reinforcement to prevent vacation mode during the offensive and got an unexpected report

To hide troops in oases is as popular as it is to find them and kill them.

Storm’s TTs on another mission. Will take a time to rebuild all those horses. But better used than standing still.

Hype vs nPL


It’s not only Uollas that makes big offensives, Dacia is also on the run in their quad.


This morning we landed a large portion of the army (not all) on the DOGMA or FC ~ capital in order to cause destruction and kill as much defence. We have targeted especially small and medium-sized defenses, and fake I have directed their top players, where they certainly defended themselves.

I mention that this action was also attended by colleagues from other alliances Dacia, you have a lot of reports below:

Luffy vs Olivia[FC], Gaul defender, 15c capital: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/nzJX58h1hyr0qu6

Underdogs vs Chrischan[DOGMA], Gaul defender, 9c capital:


dumbrus vs Chrischan: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/BedgOwE92lEtINn + valuri

Aladdin vs ChrisChan: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/nQYazMdrdUhQkxE + Stable + Iron Mine + Sawmill + Brickyard + Hero’s Mansion + Marketplace destroyed

Arausium vs Suicide Squad[DOGMA], 15c capital:


The Alchemist vs Suicide Squad: https://www.inactivesearch.it/tools/battle-reports/eAwrVCKcXKNC5ac

Teutonic Steel vs Josie01[DOGMA] Gaul defender, 9c capital:


Aladdin vs Josie01: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/aKzMrb6DjpBTr4e

+ 5xCropland destroyed + Workshop destroyed

LAW&Tanathos vs edelmut[DOGMA], Gaul defender, 9c capital:


doctoru vs edelmut: https://prnt.sc/m8cgbc

Aladdin vs edelmut: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/nGXUSgF3NEFc03l

+Warehouse + Clay Pit + Woodcutter

Zalmodegikos vs Markus1802[DOGMA], 15c capital:


Avalanche vs Markus1802: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/7hK4whJOZmTRhDu

vali78 vs Schnappi[DOGMA] 7c capital:


MONOPOLY vs Schnappi: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/1pi56shQvuVSThj

EraserKing vs WeisseWanderer [FC], Gaul Defender, 9c capital:


Sapte Pitici vs WeisseWanderer: https://www.inactivesearch.it/tools/battle-reports/AkzrilqZNesaYhU + valuri

Kuby vs kingmcarrow[DOGMA], Gaul Defender, 7c capital: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/I3Ivknapm4MeBxF

ShowTime vs Patroklos[FC], Teuton 9c Capital: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/eSdspCIfpLfi3ki + valuri

Divide&Conquer vs kingmcarrow: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/emAbJPpuUDa84po

AVOCATUL vs Patroklos: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/uGR3bvLhmZpBSIh

SpargToT vs Madison[FC], Roman defender 9c capital:


greenfox65 vs Kekmonster[DOGMA], Teuton, 15c Capital:


aol vs Suga[DOGMA], Gaul Defender, 7c Capital: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/2MZZp4MVMN3ywTH

greenfox65 vs Suga: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/PwaS3kSTgsaZA0E

Robert1 vs CORE[FC] Roman Defender, 15c Capital:


pisicuta vs Habsburger[FC]:

https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/ok4CcQel8FAcxPM + valuri  (8 lanuri de crop)

ROCK FOREVER vs abc123[FC] Gaul Defender, 9c Capital:

JawsRO vs abc123: http://travian.kirilloid.ru/report.php?log=lzTEgEn3AjFMZQjRKAyVlogbVwxbpR3UF5cIET4eBW5cCpYhYXOyWA6jgpP4B6kg8khwUyOwAskTlHakGDLcvcKzIBQAQJ82IkaXCgzhVMNUGDARAg

Lex vs abc123: https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/AUSVEB9mxV5cpms + valuri

GORGONA vs Relaxix[DOGMA] : https://www.inactivesearch.it/en/tools/battle-reports/Mh2bZbLvuLruguN + valuri

Multumesc mult pt participare tuturor atacatorilor,

We sent fakes to 80 capitals and 10 non-capital OFF villages

And we attacked with Reals, 17 capitals

Bulgaria vs 777

Dacia vs BOM

Animals vs BAD



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