Week 10 part 2

So how about CUP? My map contains 34 alliances, 912 accounts. We have Russians here too and Poland also. Vietnam, Latins, Litauen, I think I found som french too.

CUP 60 villages conquered 64 lost, Rank 42 off 13 def. CUP GOLD 56 won 51 lost, rank 25 off 30 def. CUP-AC 140/52, Rank 14 off 33 def. CUP O 120/33 rank  11 off 17 def. CUP Pf 82/53 rank 45 off 46 def. CUP G 103/49 rank 29 off 36 def. CUP S PL 191/50 rank 27 off 3 def. CUPWhite 140/45 rank 20 off 6 def. CUP RUSH 91/38 rank 17 off 24 def.

CUP has in a higher degree than IM done friendly chiefings. Both alliances have lost spawns in the movement to strongholds. IM has a strong position in the area around WW 100/-100 but CUP also has alliances there. CUP has 6 alliances in Top20 off, IM has 4. The opposite on Top20 def, 6 alliances for IM and 4 for CUP. They are still quite mixed so the war will continue inside their quadrant to the bitter end =)

At the borders there have been fights with COF and COF-MY in North and against BAD in South but that is the secondary war.



1. You have teams from different domains and you haven’t worked together before. Why did you decide to cooperate? And why not with your former allied?   

2.You have so different languages. Is it possible to have operations together? What have you done to solve that problem? How did you choose your meta name?

3. You are close to your enemies. With which alliance does your alliance fights mostly?

4. Do you have nap with Union as the rumours says?

5. Tell us about yourself: Male/female? Age? Profession? How long have you been playing Travian? When did you play your first Tournament? What do you do when you’re not playing?

6. What is your favourite drink?


1.I have met almost every team of our coalition at the previous Finals. At the last Final we fought against each other with the Polish team. Before that, we had a small local war with Latin. We fought against Vietnam in Qualification.

And only France had no fighting with us : )))

I don’t discuss ex-… : )))

2. Indeed, the language barrier is the biggest challenge. Def-operations is easy: the language of panic and horror flying on the wings of the night is international : ))) Now we try to make off-operations.

VODKA – connecting people : )))

We are a very serious team. And what can be more serious than colorful unicorns? : )))

3. Prime and Arab team.

4.  We have enough war in our incendiary sector. Incendiary as a Molotov cocktail : )

5. Lady. Already so adult that I begin to weaken memory : ))) The most chief Boss : ))) 8 years.

It was the first championship. After it, we were not afraid of anything. Top Def-rates and ploughed accounts. When I’m not playing I’m sleeping like a human. : )))

6. I like Borsch and pinacolada. Separately : )

Sincerely, Natalia, aka Kesha.

Dandrag CUP-Ac

1. First of all, hi all ; )

That’s true, we are from different domains. We were trying to make new force on upcoming Tournament. It’s also opportunity for all of us to show ourselves as a strong team. We knew that few teams weren’t sure if they want to play. So we made a short list of teams with which we would like to cooperate. Why we aren’t playing with our former allies? As you know, in every country there are inside problems. It’s even hard to explain why is that. We tried to make everyone as happy as it is possible.

2. Well, at this point we were trying to clear our areas, we are also moving forward to make more actions than before. About languages.. True.. it’s not easy to communicate sometimes but we are doing our best. We have representatives in chat who speaks English well. More time we spend together, it is easier for us to understand each other. Name.. hmm. It wasn’t easy.. but some day before TT, we were talking about this.. and not sure if not I wrote.. “Hey.. Why not Unicorns..?” Everyone was so confused.. Unicorns are cool.. right? But we decided to make it CUP, Colorful Unicorn Party? Well.. It’s not official, but it’s all about CUP + Color. More important than name is common cooperation.

3. As a 5th meta at server.. it wasn’t easy for us to choose best quarter.. After all we are at +/- with hundreds of Arabs, Chinese and Russians from Prime. It’s even hard for me to decide with which alliance we are fighting the most.. Without a doubt it’s not easy for us, because in some areas we are outnumbered. We aren’t strongest META at server but as I said, we’re doing our best. Even after some mistakes, sometimes big mistakes we keep moving and support each other.

4. We are concentrating at our quarters. Let’s rumors be rumors

5. I’m Kuba, 100% male (lol) 21y old. Actually I’m studying IT so I believe it’s good life-way. I’ve been playing Travian for up 3 years. I saw my brothers playing classic x1 3.6 ( I think? ) so after I grown up I tried it by myself. They were playing in Lamy Gwardyjskie. Main account : Hastu 😛

It’s my first Tournament ( eliminations + finals). I’m big fan of inline skating (rollerblades). This year I’m about to make my first half-marathon in less than 1hour 😛


0 0___/



6. There isn’t one favorite drink 😛

If we aren’t talking about %% it’s water.. if about %%..I enjoy whisky 😛

Viejos Chotos  CUP G

1- Most of us played the same qualification server, even though we were in different teams. We FL played with the french on qualification against PL who make a great server (end winning) and against Dacia who we fight the most. So from both enemies, PL was the most neutral and at the end of qualification we started conversations for WC. Then Dacia contact us too but we already have almost all set with PL Team who was already talking with Ru Team too (x3)

2- We communicate in english, we don’t have problem with that. The name of the meta, most leaders didn’t care and we look for a common name, funny, were you cant difference the nationality of which embassy. We tried to unify the group despite our countries

3- In CUP G we fight the most against Prime and NB, one of our squads also fight arabs

4- We don’t have any pacts out of the CUP meta

5- I am male, from Uruguay, I play travian since 2006. Have been retired for about five years. I starting playing in travian.net then travian latam (.cl) where I was forum moderator, and I played also one UKX and comx. But this is my first tournament and past qualification was my first qualification. I heard Latin Americans didn’t have good references in international servers even though they are good players on travian latam, so I came back to play travian and on an international server to do my best to level up latin america team.

6- My favourite drink is craft beer.

sliferis, CUP RUSH

1.    We (RUSH) decided to play with this coalition, because the terms which were offered were the most satisfactory. We have neither former allies, nor enemies, it’s our first finals server, we came here open minded.

2.    Travian is universal language and we get along just fine. Just since for most of us (or all of us I think), this is the first server so we just need more time to build trust and strong relationship between alliances. I have no idea how this name for our meta was chosen, I came here as a leader to take over on 2nd or 3rd day of the server.

3.    Arabs/Prime in the beginning at the server with NB as well. We have a lot of fighting fronts.

4.    Yes, just like Prime has with Uollas/Shield/COF meta.

5.    Male, 25 years old, a lawyer, do you need my credit card number as well, lol? I’ve played in the first versions at my teen years in 2008-2009, then I quit and came back in 2015-11 and I’ve been playing ever since with some breaks in the summer. This is my first tournament. When I don’t play, I work, go to gym, spend time with my family/friends, read books, etc.

6.    “Crazy bitch”. It’s a shot which we drink every alliance meeting. It consists of vodka, grenadine syrup, lime juice and tabasco sauce.

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