Week 11 – 28 January

Week 11- 28 January


  • Short summary of quads
  • Player interview
  • Reports
  • Top 10

I just checked the calender and the announced date for building plans, 23 February, is a Saturday?? The Natars will begin to build WW the 20th Mars. That usually don’t happens, the server will have ended by then.

Uollas ran their third operation against Union, not as successfully this time but our dear Ciccio as joyful as ever posted the reports and Strategic made a list on crashed hammers.<

This two keep teasing each other in my Corner crew chat and make me laugh 😀

Uollas is impatiently waiting for the response from Union but they are still concentrating on clearing their neighbourhood except from individual players sending ghost hammers searching for unguarded hammers in oases in NorthWest. BAD is hunting UNI which such an intensity that 9 of the german players went into vacation to get a rest ^^ Hype is the big bad wolf and a real nightmare for the polish ally nPL whose area is fast diminishing.

Dacia haven’t much resistant from Turkey any more. I saw a lot of scoutings on BOM, not much troops founded – and most of them walled later. FC and Dogma also found walls. Dacia E have been occupied with reducing S.P.Q.R by chiefing villages

The war between CUP and Immortal goes back and forth, they are too equal in size for any of them to get the upper hand.

Player Interview

I asked orion981 who holds a WW for SPQR™ a few questions. I think he misunderstood #3 but I haven’t been able to get a clarification yet.

1. Give us a short introduction about yourself. What meta do you play for? Did you play in other finals? How do you personally find this years’ finals so far?

1 Hi I’ m orion one of most cool italians players. We will support the ww 100 0 with my SPQR, We  have played only Finals since 2013.

2. Who do you view as being favorites for winning this finals? In your opinion, what gives them the upper hand?

2 The winner will be UNI for sure.

3. In your opinion which meta is the least favorite of winning the tournament and why?

3 The -100 -100.

4. How as Travian progressed through the years? In your opinion, do the enhancements brought to the game could have an impact in bringing a newer generation to Travian?

4 No,,,travian is dead,,,so much multi and only gold playing,,,this is not a nice game.

5. From your point of view, what would make the next tournament final the most interesting so far?

5 Reduce the number of the player,,max 4k players with serious qualification and not like now…

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