Week 10 – 22 January 2019

Week 10 – 21 January 2019


  • Review SouthEast Immortals
  • IM Interviews
  • Review SouthEast CUP
  • CUP Interviews
  • Reports
  • Top10

I made the Uollas review before Christmas and now it’s time for next quadrant SouthEast that has two metas.

Immortals is bigger than CUP even if not by much so let’s start with them.

The map contains 44 alliances with with a little above 1000 players. The meta consist mainly of players from Russia, Arabia, China, Poland and Germany. I think I saw a few from Vietnam too and a Portugal/Brazil alliance.

Im-NB-白虎 is one of the more active alliances 46 chiefed and 52 lost but ranks are not high, 65 attacker and 38 defender. The same goes for Im-NB-朱雀, 102 won 60 lost but better ranks, 6 attacker and 10 in defence. UNI-IM, the German alliance, 67 chiefed 49 lost. Rank 55 attacker and 26 defence. Im-Ch-B, Arabs, 67 villages won 41 lost. rank 30 attack and 50 def. IM-DA, also Arabs 68/35, rank  5 off and 24 def. Im-PR-C 110/39 rank 13 off, 6 def. Im-PR-X 36/42 rank 69 off and 2 def.

All in all when I check on getter I get the impression that IM has lost more villages firsthanded to CUP than they chiefed. They have been very tight mixed with CUP and since ranks are low in most cases I believe that many of the wars have been fighted with smaller number of troops. Not so strange – if you lives close to the enemies and use your troops you often lose them as fast as you are building them. In Final it isn’t unusual to lose your hammer several times during the server.



1. You have teams from different domains and you haven’t worked together before. Why did you decide to cooperate? And why not with your former allied?   

2.You have so different languages. Is it possible to have operations together? What have you done to solve that problem? How did you choose your meta name?

3. You are close to your enemies. With which alliance does your alliance fights mostly?

4. Do you have nap with Union/Uollas (different question to CUP/IM) as the rumors says?

5. Tell us about yourself: Male/female? Age? Profession? How long have you been playing Travian? When did you play your first Tournament? What do you do when you’re not playing?

6. What is your favorite drink?


1. We decided to play, because we wanted to win with new coalition. Of course we could join to old allies, but we tried to make something new. We are not playing with formed allies, because they don’t want to upgrade their skills and prefer to play like a noobs, so we found allies in other countries which have similar priorities like our.

2. Generally we don’t have problems with different languages. We use english to communicate so most of people can understand it. In our polish group we have one player who understand russian language without translator (regards to Macs), so if we need something from Prime players who don’t understand english he can always translate. Sometimes we have problems with Arabs, for example if they give screenshot and all look like in the mirror, but this does not interfere with the normal game. I think the biggest problem is that in China government banned Travian and google, so a lot of players from NB can’t play in normal browser and can’t see any google sheets.

Mohamed (1maxman1) wrote a few propositions on chat with all leaders and all choose this one – Immortals.

3. In our territory were several players from different CUP allies, but they gave up so fast.

4. We have enemies in quarter and we are not on boarded with +/+, so we don’t fight with Uollas meta, but also we don’t cooperate with them.

5. Robert (Turek/LordTurek_PL on forum), 23yo, student of Computer Science. I am playing about 10 years. I played on first Tournament in 2012. When I’m not playing I just live – you have no life when you are playing Travian .

6. Vodka

Obernoobs UNI-IM

1) Background: Unique is a merger of two alliances that have played as partners before. Towards the end of the qualification we decided to appear as “one” at the finals, hence the name.

But the two individual alliances also played with different partners in some finals before and it was time for something new due to the merger and the experience in the qualification of 2018:

We played against the Chinese and got to know each other. As a result, mutual respect arose and we decided to play the finals together.

Moreover, we found that the project, bringing together so many nations, considered an exciting challenge.

2) We don’t really have a language barrier. We communicate with all our friends in English.

At the moment our main focus is to fight against BAD at the border. Our friends, on the other hand, also have territorial conflicts that they have to fight.

Of course we help each other with actions.

The meta-name was a suggestion and all parties found it good.

3) As mentioned before, we are fighting against the Russians at the border.

The main enemies are the BAD and BAD G.

4) So as my answer to question 3 suggests, we have to 100% no NAP with Union.

And we know nothing about another NAP.

5) I am male and (still) 28 years young.

I finished my M.Sc. in Product and Asset Management and am currently looking for a job.

I have been playing Travian for more than 10 years. “Good old times” in which you could still give your hero your own name 😀

I’m not sure if it was the first worldwide tournament, but I’ve been at the tournaments since 2010/2011.

When I’m not playing Travian, I listen to a lot of music, like to go to the cinema and do a lot of things with my friends, like going out to party, watching soccer together (german “Bundesliga”) or currently American football; go Saints go 😉


6) I don’t have a real favorite. As a German of course beer, but also rum with cola, or simply iced tea.

M..G..M from IM-DA

1. The course of the past servers requires you to seriously think about changing plans and changing your allies too.

As for the former allies, we give them all the respect and appreciation and I wish them a pleasant server.

2. I agree with you Languages are completely different.

But solving this problem is done by translators or the world-famous language which is English.

As for the name of the Meta, it is through the meeting of leaders and identify a name representing all.

3. If you mean my alliance DA. We fought and we are still fighting any CUP.

4. As mentioned in the question rumors. Rumors are often true and often wrong. I do not think it’s appropriate to talk about it.

5. I am male. I am 38 years old. I am currently a Flight Instructor. I play Travian starting from 2006 to the present day. The first tournament I participated in was in 2011,2012. The time I do not play Travian you will finds me playing other games.

6. Orange juice

Irritator Im-PR-X

1. The decision to play together was based on previous relationship between our leaders. We know each other well. This is always good, to play with different ppl and grow the network.

2. We don’t have any problems with communications, and this is achievement for our coordinators. This is good example how ppl from different part of the earth work together. We all know English, that’s oblivious. about naming – I can’t comment.

3. CUP. This is good experience how to play close combat. Were enjoying.

4. X files 😀

5. Male, 33. Game Developer. I started in 2008, played 2 years and stopped after that. This server my first after long break. When I’m not playing – I’m working 🙂

6. Russian drink – mors

Mr JAK  IM-Snbool

1.We find that we need to change our ally because of, some disagreement with previous ally’s.

2. The english is the formal language.

3. CUP Rush

4. We work on shifts.

5. I’m 55 / male / retired.

6. Coffee.

Hugo IM-NB-青龍

1.Last year Chinese NB fought against Russia Prime. However some NB players respect on Prime. They are high fighting skill and strong power. Therefore this year final18/19, Chinese NB wants to have a new try and work with prime. Maybe they will be trustable ally.

2. Luckily some of NB players can read and write English. Immortals players always communicate on English.

Actually I do not know why choosing the name of Immortals. What I concern is only unity of the meta name, so that we will not attack ally.

3.Chinese NB main enemy is BAD in SouthWest. Also we have fighting against some CUP players who enter into NB settlement area.

4.What my committee say is yes, Chinese NB nap with Uollas. Some NB players also cooperate with Uollas and receive their defence army privately.

5. Hugo234, male, aged near 30. I am a civil servant in travian NB Alliance, and I am also a civil servant in the real life. My first playing travian is hks3 (HongKong server) in 2006.

Chinese players including me firstly united and join the tournament since Tournament 2013/14. This year final18/19 is my sixth tournament. Because all Chinese players have no interesting on management and organization, so I have been deceived as ‘chairperson’ since tournament 15/16.

6. There is a Chinese Tea called Ginseng Oolong(人參烏龍). I can taste some sweet through this tea.

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