Week 9 – 15 January

Week 9 – 15 January

Uollas keeps up their good work. They have cleared the border area to NorthWest, got a bit bored and decided to do a crossquad operation – Crop Genocide Operation. You can read about it here if you missed Ciccio’s post.

It is fun to see the strong efforts to force the small Fools to change. Trainers is the most desirable effect but when I look on how many rounds with chiefs some players spends I really wonder if it is worth the cost. The only exception is G&V that have chosen another way. Instead of one player trying they shift their fool between players. Spartak holds it now and was lucky and got the trainer effect immediately.

World Wonder

Nearly all WWs is taken by now. Only two left. Union holds 4 WW, Dacia 3 WW, Union 2 WW, CUP and IM one each. The ones remaining is -100/0 and 0/100.

I sent scouts as usual to the 7 WWs that was taken a couple of days ago. I’ve seen one attack that at least gave a image of being serious. Many use their own WW as a garbage can, no honor in that 😛

Player interview with Underdog from Dacia™

1. Give us a short introduction about yourself. What meta do you play for? Did you play in other finals? How do you personally find this years’ finals so far?

Hello, this is a dual account consisting of Traian(34) and Cristian(27). We are both Graphic Designers and live in Romania.

We find this world final a little bit boring, and this is mostly because we settled in the WW area, and there’s not much close combat here, we won’t repeat this mistake in the future. Also, Traian is the veteran player in this accounts and has played in over 6 tournaments.

2. Who do you view as being favorites for wining this finals? In your opinion, what gives them the upper hand?

We believe that the Russians are the main favorites, strong team, winner spirit and they have the upperhand because of numbers, dedication and the lack of enemies in their quad. We all know that if you leave the Russians alone, they will build monsters. NE also looks strong this year and has high chances of winning. Having a good end-game strategy is crucial for the winner, but there’s a bit of luck involved as well, so we might have a surprise win at any time. Nevertheless, we wish everyone good luck and may the best meta win!

3. In your opinion which meta is the least favorite of winning the tournament and why?

We believe that this year, we(Dacia), are the “underdogs”, being the world champions all eyes were on us this year and there is little space to move. Without the turks support we don’t have the necessary numbers to be one of the favourites but we will still give our best to try and change the odds.

4. How as Travian progressed through the years? In your opinion, do the enhancements brought to the game could have an impact in bringing a newer generation to Travian?

Over the years, Travian has become less focused on strategy and requires less and less skill every year. For example, we are playing the same old version on the finals, nothing has changed. Everything is predictable, everybody know what will happen next and lately, there are less and less intense battles throughout the quads.

5. From your point of view, what would make the next tournament final the most interesting so far?

WW should spawn RANDOMLY at day 100 the same time with building plans , again , RANDOMLY not at the same positions year by year. This would bring more volatility to the game and force metas on more strategic planning.

Prizes should be given for population only judging by rank, meanwhile Top 5 off and deff should be given by Travian Team after they will receive the logs on how those people gained the points. I don’t know why we bother fighting for prizes when top 10 off and deff are being manipulated by prize hunters.

Attacking scouts should not count, attacking clubs should not count , attacking natars should not count! Then we will see who truly are the greatest attackers and defenders. It’s so freaking easy to see the “cheaters”, as long as they wanna see them.

We’ve been playing travian for over 10 years and if nothing changes it might be the time to say Good Bye.



Def action from  PRIME & Co: Информбюро TT 18/19.

A translation of the poem:
A crossroads since ancient times was considered a place of dark forces, unclean.

Supposedly it is here that you can hear the voice of fate,

because there is a border between two worlds.

Guessing came to the intersection at midnight and “listened to the neighborhood”.

If cheerful laughter or singing is heard –

soon marriage is expected or just a fun year.

If crying is heard – wait for parting or sad news.

Prime capturing enemies offense village. Hammers begins to be really nice! And rams – I like that 😉

CUP vs Prime

Defence action CUP



I had reports from CS but the tboss links refuses to work now when I wanted to post them 🙁


Off village with 100k Clubs 23k TKs 8k rams gone

Bonus reports





Smurfs vs Süvari

Winter vs Smurfs

Dacia vs Dogma

BAD vs Animals


I’ve seen it before and will see it again. The overestimate about how many the enemies is. The difference between counted players and the total active players have been nearly the same since beginning. We didn’t count alliances with 5 members or less.



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