Prestart interviews 3

Prestart interviews 3


So.. have the interviews given any leads to where the alliances have decided to start? Let’s make a short summary of what have been said.

Ros/Uollas is hinting on NE +/+ which have been confirmed by others. He says they will cooperate with CZ and Germany players.

Turek from PL says they haven’t decided quad but will work with NB and Prime.

Oğulcan/Animals says nothing about it.

Gabi Marton from Dacia K don’t want to reveal anything either.

Trình Triệu  from Vietnam will be associated with X3, nothing about quad.

Adám HUN tells us that it is Dacia and NW -/+ as usual.

Abhishek Thai/India will start in SW -/- and cooperate with BAD.


Time to take a look on next round of interviews:

Alfa LT


1. We start with the question we all are most curious about.  In which quad will you start and who are you going to cooperate with?

First of all Lithuanian players same as in previous finals are divided into several teams:

Smurfs (not sure about name in finals) – from qualification have not declared they plans.

X3 Black (not sure about name in finals) – have participated in WW construction in qualifiction. May keep same coalition.

The rest of players will join other alliances or form tiny ones.

We played last final as Antarctica and this year qualification as LT&Friends. We will go to -|-.


2. If you prefer to let that be a secret you maybe will answer on which alliance/meta do you think will be your primary enemy.

BAD and Cerber will be our opponent. Our paths crossed some time ago. The few players we were contacted by were quite arrogant and tried to bully us. There is no better place to fight bullies than virtual game world. Even so, now I meet more and more nice players and these few do not represent the majority. Also, the chance to fight players who promote soviet union nostalgia is an additional benefit 🙂

. BTW russian team is very strong and we are small, so they might even not notice that we fight with them :D,

For others it will be opponents in their quads.


3. What is your goal for the round? Victory, Just fun with nice team? Mess up for another alliance/meta?

It is a game. We play only for fun.


4. Your opinion about less wildcards this year. Good or bad? Will it make more players go for the qualification next year?

I think the way wildcards are organised with random draw from list applied emails promotes cheating (I may be wrong traviangames might have very clever filtering system, but it might be hard to implement). So, the less the better. However, I like how some of invites are given on more personal basis.


5.  As we all know the Tournament started as a championships between different domains and for some time kept that format even at qualification stage. Right now it’s got much more mixed up. But what is it for you? Is it a world cup of different nations or is it more of a championships league of different alliances? And how does your team look like in regards to cultural/national background?

As the game style develops it is less and less connected to nationalities or cultural backgrounds, but at the same time it seems it makes game more fun and teams better balanced.


6. What are you usually doing before the finals start to make yourself ready for 4 month of the high activity that is needed in Final?

Very busy with other stuff. Doing my best to complete as many task as I can, so that I have as much free time as possible when finals will start 🙂


Juri – Phantom pain CS


1. We will play as part of Uollas META, but we didn’t do final decision about the quad. I think it will be -/“something” or +/“something but CS group prefer “something/“something” and we will try to push our suggestion in META 😛

2. No enemies here, just a rivals! We will see who will be in the same quad and we will destroy all villas outside of Uollas META.

3. We are playing for fun (every time!). We wanna be a good partner inside the META and help to fill all META goals/plans

4. For me doesn’t matter on that. CS group policy = 100% accounts has a real owner. No supports/no multies. Admins should fight (I mean real fight with zero tolerance) with that because this thing killing that game.

5. I can imagine better format but it is as it is. We are not solving cultural/political/religious questions in our team. actually we will try to do the best job and it’s all what we need to do.

6. Me, personally? I am every time ready 😀

just joking… I am trying to enjoy all free days within Q and Finals but truth is there is no so many such days… we started the discussions about META and other things inside.

of course, I also need to find a good team for the acc.



1/2. We will play along with our forever friends G&V and the rest of GALLIA! … But I can’t tell much more since it hasn’t begun yet 😉

3. This time we’ll play for the fun with guys we like to play with. Bored of the too serious Travian, we take a break for one round playing the real game 🙂

4. Less wildcards often give less multiacc.. it can be a good point, even if a lot are done during qualifications. Even though, tournament is qualifications + finals, not finals only, so imo only players from the quals should play finals ^^

5. Travian tournament is not a nation’s world cup anymore, but more like an E-Sport team world cup in my opinion. Every COA/meta benefits from multicultural players that makes a more challenging game, trading new techniques and ways of play. World cup changed into a very more challenged game to my mind, since every good ally opened to mixed cultural strategies. 😉

My team as been multicultural for a few rounds already when Makaveli was the leader but even now with the new ally. Many of my players plays in international servers plus I’m a co-leader of a very old ally on aux servers so all of this enrich the mixity of my team.

6. Nothing, just rest and enjoy with family and my job. In my opinion, finals has always been less intense than qualifications. People play less risky with offense and defense, scared to loose too much, and half of the server stays passive to wait for WWs.. So, that’s not the part of tournament that makes me tired :d



Александр PriStoL WINTER

1. We will start in the SW and will cooperate with other Russian teams as well as with some few international allies.

2. As our main rivals we consider Dacia and Prime

3. Victory

4. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the qualification round. Too much time is spent for this uninteresting server. I’d advice to cancel the qualification at all and let everyone who is willing take part in the TT finals. For many years MHs are successfully fighting multi-accs, but the cheaters would still find a way to violate the rules. Yet, for many regular players “no qualification” would work much better.

5….. STILL TO COME not ready

6. We’re getting ready morally and gathering old friends.


Just a wish… To make TT a bit more popular, please, add Huns and Egyptians. And please, diversify the prizes somehow.



1- To be honest as Cof we haven’t had any alliance for this year, we are still open for the offers we haven’t decided between +/+ and +/- areas.
2- We wanted to fight against Poland and Prime because of last year we have changed our thoughts.
3- Our goal this year is just fun. We want to play a fun game with a nice alliance.
4- Actually this is very nice. I’m against that any wildcard is given. That makes more player to go qualification and the people who work for it go to finals.People used to go to the finals with wildcards and I don’t want this. This is not fair.
5- I think there is a champions league between different alliances. The balances change every year. Cof is the best team the way they see other cultures. Because in Cof there is Brazilian, Spanish, Slovak, Dutch, Belgian, Arabian players and Malaysian, Indonesian teams played.We have been very successful to play with the players from other countries. They can play as a part of family. Because Cof doesn’t represent any ideology. We are like a rainbow that has all the colours.
6- During qualification we are getting our players prepared for the finals. We organize in Cof competitions to have tickets and have fun.



Hugo NB


1:Last year final2017/18, NB had a great war against Prime. However after Final17/18, NB and Prime respect each other. Therefore NB will try cooperation with Prime during Final18/19.

Maybe SouthEast is a good place. NB considers starting on +/-.

2:If NB starts on +/-, any foreigner, except NB’s ally, who enter into +/- will be NB’s enemy.

3:My goal is for victory and gain the prize of victory, of course. However NB members consider war and funny only. Therefore i should think how to use NB’s goal service for my goal.

4:I do not know of it is NB’s good news or not. NB can enjoy a fair game, but that also means NB enemies have less multi, so that NB has no sheep to raid.

5:To be stronger the Chinese NB Alliance, NB will first protecting all Chinese players and team who play tournament. Therefore only very less foreign players will be invited to join NB.

However besides Chinese, NB will keep her promise. Any alliance who trust NB and ally with NB, NB will try her best to fight for her ally.

6:looking for sitter, of course. Therefore it is not a high activity for me. Luckily number of NB players > number of NB accounts. Also NB has foreign friends. Therefore it will be easy to seek sitter


Ok, what information did we get now?


From Alfa LT we learn that they will be divided in 3 teams. His own team goes to SW -/-

Juri from CS says that they will go with Uollas. probably +/+ due to other info.

Sky COQ will play as Gallia again together with G&V.

Pristol WINter will this year play in SW-/- together with ru-team.

COF haven’t decide quad but are clear who the enemies is, PL and Prime.

Hugo NB think SE +/- is a good place and will cooperate with Prime.


Finally I asked my Corner crew about their opinion:

Dacia+Hussars+Hungary+CheckerB+Animals – NW, add also Smurfs and lt allies

Italians+COF+COQ+GV+Troja+CS…. – NE, add CS (Czech and Slovakia), Germany

China+Prime+Arabs (nd)+NTPL – SE

Russians – SW


And now you can compare this with the interviews, I’m going to bed ^^

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