Week 9 Reports

As you might have noticed Dacia decided to be the owner of WW -100/100 tonight, 5 h after I had posted about WWs (chuckle) You can find the hammers on Turkey forum

Full report on first hammer:

Last chiefs

Monjp made a video from Dacia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8ok101yJcg

Hugo shared more reports from NB

Prime vs CUP

9c zeroed

Animals stole a village from Kira

BAD vs Unique

SPQR vs Smurfs

LSDG steels a village from BAD

Focus on Me took revenge by killing his hammer in the newly chiefed village.

More fun from CUP:

We chiefed 2 Prime villages in his 7×7 yesterday. He attacked village 2, and then send fakes to village 2, we know they where fakes cause his troops hadnt came back yet, so we reinforced village 1, it was 45 minutes from his off.

This little hammer from Turkey died very fast..

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