The Corner 21 February Part 2


I’m out of energy again, need a pill for my headache and longing to bed. Nice with the reports in the Discussion thread.




16 february


Reports from Testeron, Dogma

today we got visitors…. adamus


they started yesterday afternoon with fake att

first inpacks around 5 this morning


after that cleaner we killed around 8k catapults

and after they arrived they try it again




13 February

Wakeful, Animals, scouts scorpion, Cerber, small diet and garage for 89K catas.

I can’t find the report but it was impressive..

14 February

BAD vs [SPQR 2.0] orion981 hammer village chiefed,5457491dfbe,5457505541b,545753b64bb


17 February


[Me.I] Clerici vs [BAD] Rams


18 February

SPQR vs Psycho,BAD, Village in area -55/-20 zeroed,6231180134a,623119d88e4,623120f9362,62312139a44,623122063f9,623123692e1,623124b1804,623128dd6a9,6231318e5e1,6231323a949,6231331b410,62313425881,623135ffb9c,623136183e2,623137beb4c,6231381323e,623139472a5,6231446ea49,62314592fc0


SPQR vs kira, BAD, chiefed with 3 pop and then 0ed by following hammers, area -25/-26,547965fc814,54796704f1c,54797355a16,5479744f68a,5479763f04f,54797737882,54797808bcf,547979aaa25,547980bd6f1,54798219506,547983fcfe4




14 February


Dacia vs Tommy Gun, MAFIA, village chiefed,54571603724,545717791f7,5457183cae5,545719ad3c1


vs Bingo Bongo, VODKA, chiefing

[Dacia™] Zalmodegikos

[Dacia™] bomba


[Dacia™] Kryna

[Dacia™] Muad Dib


[Dacia™] hitman


[Dacia™] Lycans


[Dacia™] SpargToT

[Dacia™] Raelag,5457035b339


16 Februari


Helly Tech, HUN continues to demolish unwanted villages.




Dacia vs. Халва capitala MAFIA

Teutonic Steel








Winter Soldier ?


robert1 + vali78 vs Халва secundar la cucerire ratare deff


Lord Scorpio + !.exs vs. Халва secundar la cucerire ratare uitate capeteniile,184902bee5b


Raelag + CDDM TEAM vs. Халва secundar la cucerire ratare


Fant2stic + Tia&Virus vs. Zip, hook, sat cucerit, chiefing,622096ec09a


Alcoolmetru + Silviu vs. Jumandji MAFIA ratare, Alcolistu la metru n-a lansat,622073c66f2


Daucusapa vs. Халва capitala (pe actiunea de ieri) croplocking,6224391678c,622440c009a,622441e2603

18 February


The most serious WW attack this week

Reports from kova !!CS!!


Xi _FR] xiwan,[KETO] KETO,[ANİMALS2] Anamnez,,MÜFREZE] enyala,[MÜFREZE1] Dahiliye ,[MÜFREZE] Panda1  VS  [!!CS!!] kova&billy   (11,58),6237197a02f,62372021662,623722b6916,62372354b30,62372453360,623725d0c23,6237269a1b7,623727e8fff

lester (G&V) vs kasparov (!CS!)

[G&V ™] Lakedemon

[G&V ™] natassa1

[!!CS!!] kova&billy VS [NKRI BH] GEM BOOT

[!!CS!!] kova&billy VS [ÇAHRA] cnkmurat

kova741: we stopped attacking g&v – no more point in that–CS–CS




Top10 week 14







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