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The long awaited release of the Building plans was here – and did it go as expected? No, but it is a simple logical reason (in my opinion).


I mentioned in my post that artefacts during to coordinates had their equivalent in the opposite quad. The output of that is that if one artefact moves its equivalent in the other quad also moves.


And that is was happened with the planes. I’ve checked the presumed landing spots and the real. If there was free spots and if not how far.

There are more parameters in this, not only the nearest spot, it’s also about distance between plans and their similar coordinates. And as it looks it is only me and the original devs that had been aware about that fact (chuckle)


On a normal server it would not cause as big difference as on this overcrowded Final.


You will have to plan in several levels, not only concentrating on your own area. When you think you have learned all about the game something new comes up.


So – TG is not to blame, it was your strategy that made it and the parameters you didn’t count with ^^


Last year it was a lot of shouting when Russians used their knowledge – they must have cheated – they didn’t. No cheat involve now either.


PS: I copied the coordinates from a post that TK wrote back in 2017 on the old forum. DS:

Final 2017/2018 Building plans coordinates




North West*=

Presumed coords: (-18|30, no free spot) (-35|4) (-45|37 no free spot)

Real coords: -35|29, -36|6, -47|59,


South West*=

Presumed coords: (-10|-57 no free spot) (-26|-25) (-55| -20 free spot beside)

Real coords: -7|-79 (empty area at -5|64),-34|-33 (not closest), -75|-23


North East*=

Presumed coords:  (10|56 free spots) (12|33 free spots) (33|12) (55|20 free spots)

Real coords: 10|55, 7|76 most far, 39|14 not closest, 78/28,


South East*=

Presumed coords:  (4|-35 free spots)  (30|-20) (44|-37 free spot)

Real coords: 9|-53, 31|-20, 55|-62,


Check -7/-79 —> 7/76 or -75/-23 —-> 78/28


That is what I’m talking about, the building plan coords are also depending on each other.






Conquered time and movements


Prime 31|19 13:10 moved  13:14, 13:18 to PS WW holder


Animals 13:14, 14:35 to Animals WW holder, 16:29 Dacia K, 16:31 Dacia™


Animals 13:15 village chiefed by Müfreze 13:17, 14:50, 14:55 to G&V WW holder


Mafia 13:15, 14:48 to WInter A WW holder


Br Kiss 13:29 moved 13:41 by Алярмэ!, 14:22 to BAD, 14:36 to CerbeR


Dacia 13:31, 13:34, 13:53, 14:35, 14:41 to Dacia WW holder


nTPl O 13:44 , 15:15 to Prime


BAD 13:48 moved 14:21, 14:26 to CerbeR, 14:27 to CerbeR WW holder


nTPl O 14:08


ShMK  (Winter) 14:15, 14:33, 14:36, 15:01, 15:36 WINter A, 16:09 X3 White.


BAD 14:35, 16:02 CerberBG


Animals !4:36, 15:42 to Animal WW holder


Dacia 15:06, 15:28



And the right answer on the Contest is:


Dacia 2

WINter&Co 2

Animals 3

COF&Co (Rainbow coalition) 0

PS/Prime 1

nTPl O 2

CeBAD (Union) 3



After movements the ones that can build on their WWs tomorrow is (depending on what happens during the night):

PS/Prime at 05:18

Union 06:27

WINter 06:28

Dacia 06:41

GEP 06:55 if they have got the mainbuilding up again

Animals 07:42 lost? the first BP


And all mistakes is ofc my own! Plz correct me if needed 😀

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