Prestart interviews II

Today I got the news that the Turkey meta have split in two parts. One with 600 players, COF ZERO, the strongest alliance, with Emirhan Vardar as leader has together with other leaders formed a new meta, COF ZERO + COF Other allied + Shahmaran + Adamus + other Turks = Platoon. The COF, the leader in qualification has 800 players under his command and Arabs as confederated.


Emirhan Vardar, leader Platoon.

1- We are a sincere, strong, dynamic, clever, the oldest family in Turkey with a family atmosphere.

2- Of course, the best of this game is the Russians.

3- We do not have any alliance plans at the moment. However, we are open to the offers of our friends who know us. We have a goal of collecting +/+ under one roof.

4- No matter how divided they are, I admire the intelligence of the Russians. As long as Bad and Cerber is together, they will continue to be an absolute favorite.

5- I made the COF and the Arab Alliance personally. I saw all the conditions. As you know, I am a diplomat 🙂 I believe that if they can use it correctly, they will play the game, but COF is not easy 🙂 A team I like in terms of WW construction of Arabs. The Italians, we are waiting for their surprise team, their moves.

6-North East +/+

7- I wish it will be a fun server 🙂



Nic Nic, leader SPQR.

1- Braveheart

2- I think Russian , because they are one of the most competitive group in finals

3- I don’t think about other alliance for now, i just hope that my meta will play as 1 account, that is the most important thing to achieve

4- They have numbers to do that, and all together in 1 part may be to many discussions

5- I’m curios to see if this round Arabs+Turks will show all their strength. Dacia they always do good finals and for SPQR i will tell you when the round is finished. We are a new group so very difficult to say now.

6- We still don’t know, we will do heads or tails with a coin.

7- Fight like a butterfly sting like a bee.




Trinh Trieu, leader Vietnam.

1. United – Cooperated – Trustworthy – Learn.

2. As the whole country, we want to defeat Russia (which is the strongest one – enemy of all). However, look deeply into our power, we can only fight against Turkey or (hopefully) the EU

3. At the moment, we want to cooperate with Arabian, Greek, Turkey. For the long journey, we would love to bring to the world the whole new meta “ASIAN”, which includes Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysian…

4. About the split of Russia, I think it is a great opportunity for other teams to have chances to win at Finals.

5. We used to fight beside Turkey for a few years, they are strong. If they joined a good meta, they would be a quite balance enemy for Russia and EU.

6. Perhaps we will be set in N-E (+|+)

7. We will try to bring a good basic for our fellow to be a new force in Travian Finals.

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