Prestart interviews III

After five days in bed I’m back with a couple more interviews. I repeat the questions:

1.Describe your alliance with maximum 10 words.

2.Which is the alliance – enemy – that you primary look forward to fight against again?

3.Which is the alliance – friendly – that you primary look forward to cooperate with again?

4.Your opinion about that Russia have splitted in 3 parts?

5.Your opinion about Turkey/Arab meta? Dacia? SPQR (New name for Italy)?

6.In which quad will you spawn?

7.Anything you wants to say to your fellow players?



Kisscool,  COQ, France

1) A little coalition that has dreams of greatness.

2) We do not really have an enemy but we are ready to fight anyone in front of us.

3) As for the previous question, we have no potential ally apart from the own members of our coalition.

4) Can we trust one of them ?

5) About Turkey /Arab meta , they are numerous but not always well organized, we will see on this finals.

About Dacia, I don’t have a lot of information about them, We collaborated on the last finals, we’ll see what they propose for this final.

About SPQR : they made a lot of noise during this post-final period, I hope that it will not be just unnecessary noise and that we will be able to see their strategy at work.

6) I don’t know yet , that will depend on lot of thinking.

7) May the best (or the most strategic?) wins!



The COF, leader Turkish Meta.


I do this interview on behalf of the Turkish and Arab Meta.


Answer: Loyalty and Sacrifice.

Question 2:

Only the Russians.

Question 3:

Answer: We are together as Turks and Arabs. We can act together with all non-Russian teams.

Question 4: The Russians have a new strategy every year. This year they will implement a division tactic for 3. Good tactic. Because they are very crowded and their game information are in good condition. The number of Turkish players is about to catch the Russians. Our game knowledge is inadequate. But this year we could break into three. We will try different tactics. We will blow their mind :).

Question 5: My idea.

DACIA is experienced and good team. This year we will try different tactics and regions as Turks. We will choose the way we are most successful. The Turks are now aware and better. The Italians will add a very nice color to the tournament this year. I want to play with them one day. Last year we had a crowded diplomacy with many countries. It was not enough.a crowded team should be managed by a single leader. So the problems are less and we are be more successful. The teams outside the Arab (ND) – Turkish (COF) – Russians and Romania (DACIA) must establish large teams. Asian Union, European Union, South American troops. The Russians are powerful and crowded. Thailand helped them last year, it’s funny. I think Thailand should be in the Asian Union. This is just an example.

Question 6: The COF Union zone will be +/- like last year. But as Turks, we will try 3 regions this year. We want to make a surprise to the Russians.

Question 7: We will only fight this year. My players knows it and are waiting with great excitement. All the COF teams will give their power to the battle. This year’s tournament will be a lot of fun.

Without sacrifice, there will be no victory ”

Best regards.

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