As this took a month to finish and I haven’t had time to double-check let’s start with a WW list.

All WWs are now taken, you get 5 keys to Final for each WW and the wildcards will be limited.

Who builds serious? And who have the best chance to win?

My bet:

  1. Natassa or Orion for SW meta. They have a lot of backup.
  2. Dolongdao for VTU. They have the Unique and a fair amount of players.
  3. Mordor, CUP, Exodus and SH. Mordor has an architect and will probably get a plan or two too. I haven’t checked if the BP coords is in reach for CUP but both SH and Exodus will have trouble getting one – if they don’t manage to conquer.

Feel free to add your bets! I still have gifts left from Final I can share if you comes up with an own analysis 🙂

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