One meta in this quad and several independent alliances. NewOrder belongs to the SW-meta but have had a strong influence on this quad. They don’t look as overwhelming/ strong as in last qual on Germany. They also have lost players due to the bad endgame in last Final. But they are still strong enough to make havoc on the other alliances in this area.

Neworder has a tight grip on the inner area in NW. Many are the villages they have conquered from their opponents.

57 players

Small boots, 2 eyes, storage, fool

Great eyes, 2 confusion

Unique boots

SH, WeGa

Many former members in SH and HS has deleted. SH is new to the Tournament. Wega is, so far, the only vietnamese alliance that haven’t joined the VNF meta.

Strongholds outside Neworders area.

167 players

Small architect and 2 confusion

Great boots, diet, trainer.

WoW -100/100


Ottomans, many former members deleted.

Interview with Thomas from NewOrder

S: A short update about you and your alliance please 🙂
T: I was playing some region servers next to finals and also during the break to get some new experiences and I really like those kind of servers. However, I’m missing competition so I came back to the recent TT together with our alliance „NewOrder“. Due to the „desaster“ of last finals we lost several member and we are here to reform a new team and to prepare our style of gaming for the next finals. We’re a quite mixed team now with friends from France (former Poilus), Germany, Netherlands and some more people from all over the world. Build-up a team with so many

S: Did you play in a meta last Final and which? Are you going to play with them again?
T: We have played the last finals together with our friends of „Uollas-Meta“. I’m not sure, if we’re going to play together again since there need to be talks about some stuff, which needs to be solved for first. But whatever will happen, I’m loving my italian friends!
S: Why did you chose to start in NW?
T: We’re here in the end with mostly all alliances of our former Meta. Our friends are primary playing for tickets so we decided to go to a neighbour-sector to have some more competition and some fights and dont just sim and cluster in safe zone.
S: What do you think of your opponents as SH and Wega?
T: WeGa seems to be some kind of serious enemy since they’re attacking coordinated and so on. However, they use a lot of Multi so we want to punish them for this 😉

SH seems to be not that coordinated. They attack a lot randomly and so on. But we’re also fighting with Newface and AOTW-Meta so it’s kinda busy sector.

S: I have counted your meta to 980 accounts, some of them as you (NewOrder) in NW and Vietnam in SE. Why have you joined such a big meta already in qualification?
T: Our decision was to play for tickets as meta, so it’s not a decision for this server only It was made before and could last fort he next servers.. We decided to keep together and don’t fight, since a lot of players wants to enjoy the summer. As already explained before, that was the reason to go for NW. Some subgroups within our meta are playing in an active way, so probably we will also see a wonder of the world.

  1. S: Your thoughts about the new rules to qualify? 10 villages or top100 off or deff.
    T: Maybe let me extend this question. First, I think that qualifications is a filling server only. Yes, it could be nice to form alliances for finals and also to recruit new players. But in the end, the most alliances and metas are fixed, which result in mostly playing for tickets for several big groups which do not want to invest time to organise such a server if finals will follow directly after the qualifying servers. I can understand this. 10 villages or top100 off/deff may reduce multis for finals. That’s all. Even with less efforts in outback area it’s easy to get a ticket. In the end I only see medium benefits by the new rules.
  2. S: The new confederations system? Good or bad.
    T: Very good! I hope it will support more competition. Anyways, the metas probably won’t change in composition, but new strategies and tactics are necessary which could be exciting and also those mass deffense in wonder of the world will be significantly lower, which results in the opportunity to also do damage at higher levels. I didnt calculate untill now, but maybe there will be also a comeback of ww ram hammers. Furthermore, as a raider, I enjoy that any kind of systematically farm deffending is not possible anymore.
  3. S: The new ban system?
    T: In early on this server a lot of players seems to get banned for absolutely no reason (thanks to TG btw for the great communications). Furthermore, hardcore abusing with mass multis like we saw for those arabs, especially the ex PWR alliance, is still possible and TG is reacting too slow here. I mean, if they can use like 500 gaul multi to boost for 2 weeks untill they got banned/deleted, it is pointless.
  4. S: If you could choose freely among the alliances in tournament. How should your dream team for next Final look like?
    Maybe a boring answer, but I’m absolutely happy playing together with the people I’m playing at the moment.

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