In this quad we have 2 metas that was friends in the beginning but have split up now.

My numbers/architects is still 1 week old and I don’t claim that this is absolute correct 🙂

CUP is forming a compact area in the middle but didn’t get an architect. They have members from several domains, Russia, Latin and mixed international.

CUP: Small architect, eyes, trainer, storage, confusion and fool.

Great boots, 2 Eyes, 1 diet and storage.

Unique confusion.

WoW 100/-100

CUP-BL look as a alliance for multies. A lot of accounts deleted the 26 July.

CUP M’s profile says that VNF are friends.

328 players

VTU a pure vietnamese meta that have won this qualification once before.

VTU: Small eyes, trainer, diet and fool, 2 storage. 2 small boots, 1 small trainer, 1 confusion.

Great architect and diet.

Unique eyes

WoW 100/0 and 11/6

343 players.

Summary: The 2 metas is equal in size. VTU is known to build big hammers. CUP is missing the polacks, but have the Russians that are very good players. We will know if they still have a hidden nap when the hammers begin to run vs WW.

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