Mönke from DT who got me to start with the maps, together with Canis Lupus.

S: A short update about you and your alliance please 🙂 Did you play in a meta last Final and which? Are you going to play with them again?

M- We played with the Russian. In Bad International. About the finals we have to see. Its way to early, to decide who we will join. But we will join a big Meta again. We got some offers and will make a voting before the finals.

S: Why did you chose to start in SW?

M: It was random – We just picked one

S: What was your reaction when you saw how overcrowded that quad was?

M – We are up for the challenge 😉
Maybe the natars will help us !!

S: I have counted them to 1070 accounts, some of them as NewOrder in NW and Vietnam in SE. How is it to play against such an overwhelming amount of players?

Edit: This was the first interview, some things changed.

M- We choose not to be in a big Meta but play as a small elite team because we wanted more action. I guess we got it 😉

We choose our own destiny and we don’t cry about it. Its the name of the game. You win – you loose. BUT we have not lost, we will still continue to put up a good fight even if the odds is against us. That is how we play in DT.

S: Your thoughts about the new rules to qualify? 10 villages or top100 off or deff.

M – The 10 village limit is obvious a good rule because it makes it harder for the cheaters to get a farming account or fake account into the finals. It will be very time consuming if they need to build at least 10 village pr account and keep them above the limit. Another point is that the rule reduce the number of inactive accounts on the finals,,,Is more fun to play against other players who is active than to be in a area filled with inactive accounts.

S: The new confederations system? Good or bad.

M- its bad from our point of view. It makes it very hard to play in small Elite Alliances. One big problem is when we put pressure on a Confed by making off plans the targets under attack just jump in a new Confed in their Meta and receive deffensive troops from a new Confed and after the attacks the jump back. It kills the game. Travian should make a rule if under attack – the account can’t receive troops from a new Confed if jumping alliance within 12 hours.

S: The new ban system?

M- Its seems to work better than the old one

S: If you could choose freely among the alliances. How should your dream team for next Final look like?

M- We haven’t got time to look around 😉
But if we could find a small tight groups of friends like in DT with a great spirit and teamwork then it would be great.

We haven’t got time to look around 😉
on this qualification. But if we could find a small tight group of friends like in DT with a great spirit and teamwork then we could together create a Dream Team. In the last final 2018 , we had a very good relationship with the Russian Meta and Bad International. One of their leaders was Ekaterina aka “Promter”. She is currently taking a break for Travian, but we think she would have been a great head coach for a dream team with DT.

Emerik from Exodus

1.Hello everyone, I am Sex Pistols, leader of Exodus alliance, on group International, tournament 2019. It’s a new nickname, probably just for the summer, people know me as Emerik aka Teutonic Steel, one of Dacia main leaders. 1

I have played with Dacia for many years, had the chance to be part of leadership and with the help of my players we’ve made Dacia a reputable and strong meta alliance, with 2 victories under the belt, in world cup finals, actually 3 wins, if we count 2013-2014, when we worked together with Uollas and EU Meta.

However the future is a bit uncertain, there’s to many old grudges between myself and other Dacia leaders and on top of that we have the new confederation system who limits teams at 240 accounts to support WW, so there’s no incentive to play with a huge meta anymore.

Maybe it’s time for small elite teams to show strength, it’s a shift from quantity to quality, a big change in strategy, that I will embrace. I think the next finals will be a very dynamic server with at least 5 or 6 competitors in WW race :)I decided to start qualification server on groupINT , SW quadrant with the purpose to make new friends, look for potential allies and stay away from Arab-Italian meta that I heard will play in NE, so I went opposite quad. Not because I was afraid, but because it’s summer time and all players have families and more outdoor activities in this season. Seemed the best choice at that moment 🙂

2.We are all veterans and fought so many battles already, we had absolutely no problem seeing SW overcrowded. We like a challenge 🙂

Because I only have 100 accounts in my team, together with my council we decided to settle a bit further from central area in order to avoid being surrounded from all sides and beeing overwhelmed by sheer numbers, so we extablished a stronghold in -130|-120 area. Only a bunch of arabs and just a few italians arrived close to us, so I can’t say we had to much trouble 🙂

Probably after artefacts, things will change, but it will turn into a nice training exercise nevertheless.

3. In order to qualify, one needs to finish in top 100 attack / defence OR have minimum 10 villages. I think it’s great ! It was far to easy to get into the finals in the past years and world cup is not really for all noobs of travian planet 🙂
If you cant build 10 villages in a 2x server, your activity is not good enough and it’s probably better to play other servers anyway 🙂

4. New confederation system = Good. No more spiking, defence can only be organised inside confederation, so if we attack a big meta from another quadrant, they cant bring defence to all targets from their 1k-2k accounts 🙂
And World Wonders need very strong confederation and more strategy and planning than before, while in the past big metas were always favorite to win, things are different now, so yes, pretty cool 🙂

5. The new ban system has a few issues, it seems to me that the number of false positives is bigger than usual, but i know TG is working hard and making adjustments on a daily basis, overall is good have the auto-ban system in place to stop obvious cheaters fast. If you are dealing with a ban and you are innocent, you can always talk with TG and they can revert the penalty. Just remember to be nice and provide evidence that can help you 🙂
Together we are helping TG to adjust the ban system for a better travian.

6. Dream Team for tournament finals will be Uollas + HYPE (ex Mafia) and for hammers hmm arab team E.S / checkersB is pro, also Cerber and lately even Vietnam is proving to have a strong hammer team. But who knows, next tournament finals could provide surprises in terms of top alliances, there’s definitely a lot of potential amongst russians, romanians, polish, lithuanians and many more 🙂

Orion SPQR leader

1 My ally will still continue to play the finals and will try to do a good job for the meta.
Last year we was in the Uollas meta, but after the roll back a big part of them deleted,,,not spqr,, I hope for another way this year.

2 We just start there, whithout a nice reason.

No reaction to see the quad, I was happy to see the Dacia next to us.

It is not easy to say,,,whit the new rules about the confederation ecc ecc the game will be more different,,, for me Mordor can win the server.

3 good idea,,, now the players have to play and the server became a little bit fun.

4 Nice question,,,we will see, but I like some restriction.

5 A shit

6 I like my meta, but I would like to have all the italian players in one meta and not in 2 3 4 meta ecc ecc.

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