Qualified 2019

I’ve counted how many that have qualified. The biggest change was the 10-villages limitation to qualify. You had to be an active player to get your ticket. I also think that it might lessen the amount of multies and tech – it will not be as many accounts for the black market to sell. The wildcards will be limited too.

6720 players had 10 villages or more. Last year 9774 accounts had finished the server. 7784 of them was active accounts..

If you don’t have qualified by pop, there are one more chance – to do by off or def points. I looked back to check the difference and hmmm… last year only Turkey had more than 2000 players and 21 off, 14 def qualified on Top1000. 2017 all servers had more than 2000 players and 357off, 416 deff in total qualified.

This year we have 46 off players and 22 def players in total that have qualified from Top100.

In total 6788 players have qualified. I use to say that 30% will not play in Final but I think those already have been excluded, I still think that not all qualified will start but I think I lower to 10%.

So everything more than 6000 players in Final will be a bonus. Add wildcards and those that have tickets from 2018 (WW-holders, Top off, deff, pop. (If they didn’t play now)

On International 70% of the players qualified, Arabia 55%. A, B and C 62-64%, D 72%.

In the table below you have the numbers for each server and also how many points needed to be on Top100 for off and def.

The smallest account to qualify was a chinese on Group A, 604 points 10 villages.

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