Endgame all servers #2


The Top3 have been shifting whole week. Exodus was on top on the last we saw, but they was taken down as well as NewOrder WW, but their secondary has now climbed to #2. G&V is now in lead. Mordor has got a plan from CUP and can build 50 and up.

Exodus WW

NewOrder WW

BP stolen from VTU + a last one with only hero


Arabia will end first, I think on Wednesday evening. Arab with players that has experience from earlier Tournaments and TS that thought they did better than before still have to learn.


The Turk WW down to rank 3 now, China in top. Here as on B it will be the first time in qual it’s not the Turks that will win.

Smurfs still in TOP. Will it hold to the end? In that case it will be the first time in Tourney history someone not Russian will win.

A try to steal a building plan from Smurfs


CS and Dacia up, PL down.

GS still in top followed by HUN. Last week I didn’t know who GS was. Now I have learned that they are also a HUN alliance but that they split with the other HUNs because of some grudge between leaders. They are a small ally with support from another ally mixed with Latin players.

HUN that was a favourite to win had unfortunately made a nap, they will not attack another Hungarian ally so if no one else can pick GS down they have a straight way to victory.

Here you can check how long time each WW has left


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