Qualified 2015

Qualified 2015

Only 7 servers in this years qualification but small differences in how many that qualified compared with 15 servers as last year.

14896 have qualified. Usually around 30% don’t continue to Final. Wildcards 1000-2000. so 11000 to 12000 players in Final in best case.

Arabia have most players that have qualified and will be much stronger then last year in numbers.

Turkey have for the first time in history been able to cooperate on their own qual and if they continue with that in Final instead of spreading out in all quads as usually they can be one of the strongest metas.

Russia had many foreign players on their server but are usually good on getting all their accounts to continue to Final and as we know they have a very high degree of skills and determinated players that set the goal to win before their own accounts.

Czech, and Germany, France, International, had many different allys from the rest of the world. Some of them will cooperate – some of them will not =)

If I shall do a prediction I guess on 5-6 bigger metas and some smaller. If I shall guess on where they will settle I think Russia mostly in SW with some allys in other quads. Arabs in SE. Turks mainly in NE. The rest in NE+NW. And all the ones that don’t want to cooperate with their own countries in SE and NE ^^. And the most stubborn ones here and there.

And now all will start to changes quads so my prediction goes wrong – lol.

We also hope that TG will manage to start the Final in good order so we don’t have to suffer a restart again 😛

Servers Players Pop needed Pop Off Def Total
International 1714 0 1714 1714
Arabia 6106 3555 2000 236 618 2854
Germany (A) 1937 0 1937 1937
Turkey (B) 2761 1042 2000 55 159 2214
France C 1955 0 1955 1955
Russia (D) 2495 884 2000 64 79 2143
Czech (E) 2230 580 2000 38 41 2079
19198 13606 393 897 14896

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