New setup for the Tournament


There will be a different challenge to play Qualification 2015. In a movie on youtube… TG says that they have chosen the participating domains among the most populated. International and Arabs will have their own servers. 20 chosen domains is divided in 5 groups with one predeclared host for each.



Com International: I wonder if more players will choose their national group with this constellation. It will still be a hard server, at least 10 villages to qualify.


Arab Arab Emirates/Saud-Arabia: It sounds wise to put the arabic servers together. Then TG can concentrate their multihunters ^^ A server with usually 2 blocks, might be 4 know then. More interesting :). Stubborn farmers but easy to def (very fun). A lot of spam. Polite players.


Group A: Germans is host for this group. They thinks they are the best players and know everything about the game since its a german game 🙂 They are good for sure, usually not many players but nice teams. The 3 domains from the eastern sphere contains some very good teams but due to lack of gold also vulnerable for farming.


DE Germany

TH Asia/Thailand

TW Taiwan

ID Indonesia


Group B: Turkey as host. TR is always a hot server with many alliances that fights against each other. I could trust that my neighbors will come on visits, never boring 😀 The 3 other domains is usually aggressive but also in lack of gold.


TR Turkey

SL Slovenia

VN Vietnam

BR Brazil


Group C: France as host for Ukraine guaranties an exciting server. Spain have aggressive players too. I don’t know much about UK but they was early with playing as germans was and have many good players/teams. France is usually the most expensive server next to Scandinavia (the server with least players that spends most gold but obviously not enough to be one of the chosen 20).


FR France

UA Ukraine

UK United Kingdom

NET Spain (ES)



Group D: Russia as host for Poland, Netherlands and Hungary. This must be the absolutely hardest group of them all. And let me guess who will be forced to cooperate to get enough numbers of players to survive the server. I wish you good luck!


RU Russia

NL Netherlands

HU Hungary

PL Poland


Group E: Czech is host. The weakest group. Lack of gold on all domains. They compensate with cheerfully fighting.


CZ Czech

RO Romania

PT Portugal

CL Chile


How many players will qualify on each server with this new setup? I can only guess. Will they try to reach their maximum again, 30.000 players in Final, or go for more modest 15.000?

We have 7 servers. 30.000/7 is approx 4000 from each server. 15.000/7 is approx 2000 per server, that is a bit low. Will players be more attracted to play the tournament? 50.000 in total last qualification. Sane conditions for com/arab as the groups?


I hope they don’t continue with the possibility to qualify trough off or def, at least not in the former way. The players got the wrong impression on how many that could qualify. More adequate information should of course do 😉 A simple “or” is enough ^^


So what will be my best guess? 3000 in pop or be on top off/def 1000. That should give us 21.000 players pop and approx 500-1000 off/def. With the usually losses of players say 18.000 in Final.


If TG think they can handle it they will go for 4000. With the problems with the last Final in fresh memory they have to be very sure for that.


Fun with a new setup for the Tournament! We need new strategies. This can be a very nice round 🙂

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