WW stats all servers week 16

Endgame began with the arrival of the building plans the 3 August. The Natar deff showed to be the same on all servers contrary to artefacts and WW villages.

The strategy in endgame can be divided in 3 groups. The servers where all players and alliances happily throw themselves in and conquer every possible WW. Turkey, Russia and International

Turkey: All WW taken. 3 metas, a lot of wings has WWs. Ali baba (IMZA, AYYILDIZ) has the 2 leading WW, level 38 and 34.


Interview with qLk4g4n from K-T[WOW] WW level 30


1. Which ally on your server has the best chance to win?

1-AyYildiz and Turkish troops


2. Tell us about your ally. How long have you been playing together? Have you played the Tournament before?

2-my first tournament of the server. We’re playing with my team for 2 years


3. If you played the last Final. What is your opinion about it? The results for your country?

3- I did not play


4. The Final is about cooperation and endless war. Which country should you like to cooperate with? Which country will be your primary enemy?

4-If Turkey well organized one of my favorite Turkish


5. Tell us something about yourself please. Where are you from? Male or female? How old are you?? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game? What do you do when not playing Travian?

5-My name is kağan , I’m from Antalya , male , 21 years old , I’m a student my job is computer engineer , I’m playing 7 years , I’m having fun 🙂

Rest WW levels: 24, 19, 14, 13, 9 ,6.

Russia: All WW taken. Not many show their confeds in profile but at least one meta has 5 WWs: FV(leading WW 53), Nova 3 WW 19, 0, 0. Lilium level 0. Several alliances shares the rest Wws: Эдем level 27, АД-NO and AD™ 3 WW levels 26, 0, 0, NONAME 23, Внезапно 10.

International: 11 WW taken. 2 metas. Phoenix/Wolfpack levels 47 and 25. REV/FU/TL levels 45, 45, 42, 34, 27, 0, 0, 0, 0.

Next group is the servers that clearly is divided in two or three bigger groups fighting each other. Saudi-Arabia, Luso, Balkan, Czech, Arab Emirates..

Saud-Arabia: 4 WW taken. 2 metas. GSS level 42 and KD level 21. They have 2 WW each, building on one so far.

Luso: 5 WW taken. 2 metas MET levels 34, 4. NN&GOEPT levels 24, 13, 0.

Balkan: 9 WW taken. 2 metas: Dacia: 4 WW, levels 53, 49. Hellas/TTT/PP: 5 WW, levels: 39, 16, 12, 9.

Czech: 10 WW taken. KSN&MoD level 53. Včelky level 53. KČ level 51. AS level 19.

Arab Emirates: 6 WW taken. SWAT level 52. ARAB levels 39, 0. UA/*GF* levels 11, 9, 0.

Germany: 5 WW taken. FC level 48. TF level 27.

The third group is the servers where there have been one dominating meta or the rest of the alliances didn’t care about endgame until it was too late. Hungary, France, Poland, Ibero and Scandinavia.

Hungary: 3 WW taken. 2 metas. AVG/CsV level 45. LES/Outlaws level 0, 0.

France: 5 WW taken. M level 46, ZI-GOS level 10.

Poland: 5 WW taken. 2 Metas. TP levels 49, 4, 0. SWG levels 12, 1.

Ibero: 5 WW taken. LAT level 49. Resting WW levels below 2.

Scandinavia: 2 WW taken. 1 meta: Who?, RnB, JAS, WB, levels 50 and 4.

Well, I found one server where nobody seems to have had any thoughts about endgame at all. I guess this one is the one where we will have to wait for Natars to end the game. That will be 20-21 October.

Asia: 10 WW taken. Leading WW level 11 alliance UC. Resting WW levels 1 or 0.

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