15 qualification accounts

I have had a long lazy summer, no writings in my Corner (nearly) only enjoying myself with my 15 qualification accounts. My goal was to find out how easy or hard it was to qualify with a small account. 4 villages is enough on the most servers, my villages have only been half developed around 1300 pop. The Turkish and the Russian servers is the only ones I haven’t made it on. International will also count to the harder but I have to confess that in someway my accounts on 4 servers have grown a bit bigger (blush).

Of my 11 small accounts, the Turkish have been most fun as last year. This time they tried to chief one of my villages. After a week they gave up and tried to zero it instead. They gave up the 12th day. One week later it was time for the next round. The third failed attempt to chief the 9c rendered me a pm where I was called horse thief in turkish 😀 Next time they did a good work with timing and enough of troops in every wave and pof my village was gone. Congrats ^^ But I was prepared and the same day I resettled the 9c. It’s still there and still mine (chuckle)

Qualification endgame starts this week. If I have understand the formula the endgame will end 20-21 Octobre for those servers that don’t manage to get their WWs to 100. The Final will probably start in November.

The new Ancient Rome server looks nice. It’s good to have another view of the map. With so much water and mountains on the map the avaible area is smaller then usual and even if the amount of players isn’t high (1200 on .se) it might be quite crowded and give a more funny game. I built a treasure chamber to check the artefacts hidden in the Roman cities. It is the usual artefacts and the difference is that you can move the artefact between members in your ally in your treasure chamber. Every member can only have it for a limited time.

You get the victory on the Ancient server when you have enough artefacts to use them for victory points instead of their powers.




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