Week 5 Top10 Offensive

Too much on work and Christmas also nagging on my time so no review on next quad this week. I chose something easier. I had seen some good reports in chats and when I looked on Top10 several of the attackers were there.

I watched the clock carefully when clicking back and forth between Top10 and players, sending a couple of requests for reports. Top10 restarts at 01.00 my time so when clock was 00:50 I was going to make a screen. But! Update the page first could be clever.

Hmm – no it wasn’t. Top10 had already restarted… I had to write to my former boss Martina and ask for their copy. They don’t save the points but it was the players I needed.

Thanks Martina for saving me – again!

Wicked got the gold, the report has been posted but it wasn’t the full report so here it is.

DTcat didn’t answer.

drezyna ML1

Teutonic Steel

braciaki, his name disappeared when I lost my list so couldn’t write to him and no time today when I got it again.

Taequiro and there we also have the rank 4 defender.

What? was also a lost name.

HOT CLUB – oh yes 🙂 I’ve been in DT chat, thanks for invite! He has really been a disturbing, irritating, unpredictable  neighbor for them – lol

Luffy – and his hammer is still growing.


OK, it wasn’t odd that I recognised the name on the attackers list, most of them was from the meta that hosts me 😀

For the same reason as above I had only written to one of the defenders.

TR Therossa on rank 10

The alliance Top10


I’ve also seen in chats that many villages have been zeroed or chiefed so I checked on getter who has been most energetic.


Misantrop  X3 White, 7 conquests, 4 natars.

Luffy Exodus, 7 conquests, all enemies.

PrayForMain     SPQR™, 6 conquests  all from tech accounts.

Gargamel Smurfs R, 5 conquests all from Turks that obviously chose wrong area to build a stronghold.

ArChiVe Knights, 5 conquests, all enemies.

Hooligans DaciaNV, 5 conquests, mixed.

Frog-anculo M.L-PWR 5 conquests, 4 start villages from meta.

Snatch Infiniti, 5 conquests 3 from ML

Sukhoi Winter B, 5 conquests, mixed

The Assassins Concord 5 conquests, cleaning his area.



Hmm, It might be a reason that DTCAT didn’t answer.. in getter his pop shows a significant 50% drop in population…

 The other ones from Top10 is also here.

Players Top20 Offensive

Alliances Top20 Offensive

The alliance list is interesting. The quads with most combats are NW and SE.

I have more reports but this post is about Top10 offensive so I post them in my report thread.

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