Week 5 reports

It’s always interesting to get the background to the reports, you have already seen this one from IWillComeForYou but here is the story behind.

Purin from MC is the teller.

Yesterday we conquered five villages from PL’s in a operation.
And their hammer IWillComeForYou wanted to fight back.
He used small amounts troops and one Chief to 3 of those villages which we just conquered.
And the big hammer was used to attack the village which was conquered by a Hun.
We lost a lot of fast defence (poor shift wall), but it was worth it.
We got their big hammer 😀 😀

Reports from Poland

As I told about in last Corner, specially Hot Club – and also his friend Medellin has been an annoying acquaintance for the alliance ExodusDT in the center. They are not always on the receiving side thought. A village was zeroed and settled.

Emteking vs Crazycat

I asked for permission to post this event a – to be honest – embarrassing failure but there are some humour in it.

Canus Lupus had incomings from Stop Rosik! and classed it as a chiefing in progress. He said to himself that it’s no idea to try to keep that village any longer but I will give him a useless village and demolished most of the it.

Stop Rosik! noticed the falling pop and sent a message:

This caused a lot of teasing in the chat ofc and after that they started to recite their motto: Reload! Reload! reload!

Report from Turkey in NW

I posted so many Exodus reports yesterday so to not be accused to be one/sided I restrain to post from NW >D

The Chinese leader in SW, Hessen lost his cap.

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