WW-reports 21 Mars

Some of the minor WWs especially in the gray zone have changed owner several times, 9h left. We will see if any more changes will appear before end.

This is how the Union WW looked a couple of hours ago:


Construction plan defense:

I have chosen the reports with biggest hammers that might have done damages or show defense. If you miss reports from Union – well there wasn’t many and they wasn’t big =)

13 Mars

14 Mars

15 Mars

16 Mars

I asked Kira why they changed alliance from BAD to CUP.

Kira: Only for second BP

Me: But others from Union attacks CUP?

Kira: And CUP attack me. It’s russian love )

Me: lol, must be 😀

17 Mars

WW changed owner again…

18 Mars most reports this day was Natar reports.

Attack on Smurfs plan.

19 Mars

This ended with the plan lost.

20 Mars

Another attempt to cheif that failed. (Not all reports)>

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