Endgame Last week 21 Mars

Last week

The endgame that disappeared, that left the players so disappointed that they refused to play for victory – at least if we talk about the most active players in all metas except Union and CUP. That is how we will remember this round.

The first endgame seemed to be just as exciting you could wish, Union and Uollas was so concentrated on each other that Dacia, IM and CUP could enter the top and Dacia excelled in gathering enough of def to have a fair chance of winning. Not surprising, Dacia have shown in earlier rounds that they have a fitness to have extremely high amounts of defence. From having a bad start with the intermezzo with Turks they finally could be a part to count with in the endgame. Uollas in contraire saw their chances to win melt away with the heavy attacks from Union that kept their WW at zero.

As we all know a starvation bug was triggered, something that shouldn’t be possible – again. There should be a limit in the game to prevent such things. That the bug still existed was discovered on a Turkish server a couple of weeks before it happen here on Final. It’s easy to blame the players and refer to the rules that it is forbidden to overload the server instead of making sure that such things don’t happen.

It’s easy to understand the disappointment in the first rollback, the hammers were sent back home instead of hitting when they should have and that changed the outcome of the server to Unions advantage. A wraith spread fast among the players, many said they would delete, leaders encouraged their players to trigger the starvation bug again which made the server impossible to play in a normal way.

For the first time in history, as far as I know, TG asked leaders to participate in a chat to solve the problem and offered the biggest compensation ever to get the players back ingame. The leaders wanted the server to be closed without a winner but TG said it wasn’t possible due to legal complications with the prizes and decided to do a second rollback. It was also clear that TG don’t understand how fast the winner is decided in Final. They believed it still was possible to take down a WW above level 20 enough to give another WW a chance. They maybe should try to play a Final themselves?

As it turned out it wasn’t enough to calm the feelings. When the second rollback started only Union was interested to play. 20% of the accounts was deleted but still 5000 left. I believe that TG saw that as a victory but the truth is that it was the most active players that decided to quit and it is unsure if they return to play the Tournament ever again. Many have been angry about what they see as unfair bans and this was the final reason to skip this game that so many of us are addicted to. With the loss of leaders this implies it will make a great impact on next Tournaments.

I don’t think TG will take the threat of deleting serious again if you don’t manage to get more players to follow.

Dacia, IM and Uollas refused to build on their primary WWs, several WW holders deleted. The ones that hesitating started to build never had a chance to be  real opponents in endgame. The only except Union that will be happy is CUP that now will end as second which they due to least def of the metas never would have accomplished if the endgame continued as usual.

A change on the rewards are also needed in the future. Most of the prizes for attacker and defender goes to players that don’t deserve them. Instead of using their troops for the best of their alliances they only used them for egoistic reasons – server after server. The rewards have lost their meanings. That behavior have increased during the last rollback when the players have no motivation to participate in the endgame any longer.

The server will end 8:52  thursday morning with Unions victory, maybe it is as it should be. They have won every second Final in the recent years so you can say it was their turn.

I guess some of you will say that I haven’t been harsh enough about misbehavior or TG’s acting in this post either but isn’t there a contrast to not being allowed to have my own opinion and that I should write particular about things I – as you – don’t like?

I’m the nice one, remember? At least I try to 😉

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