Week 15 – 26 February

Week 15 – 26 February

As you all know the server is closed and we are waiting for a rollback tomorrow wednesday.

Strategic, a member of my Corner crew, is the one that triggered the bug – at least in that meaning that it was possible to observe it. Maybe we shall thank him for it, it is better that it happened now than later in endgame as last year.

Safiren: How do you feel about being the one that crash this Final?  =)

Strategic: Hard question that’s for sure. It feels funny, because it wasn’t my intention (since I didn’t know such bug still existed and was already triggered by only 50 fakes aka Event Jam) and now I’m being known for causing the starvation bug with my fakes. I just wanted to annoy Francesco with my fakes and to see his reaction when he saw my fakes (it was basically “you’re crazy person”)..  At other side it confirms, that TG bug test is not done by a checklist of already occurred big bugs. I mean the disappearing of troops in WW is already like 4th time? Despite, people asking to have a bug free environment at tournament even at the cost of not having new features during tournament.

This event jam isn’t globally, it just happens only between me and ww holder.

I can show you picture of their ww, event jam causes a lot of bugs. This time starvation

Safiren: What do you think about the response time from TG? Ameno was on it 20 min after first reported on forum.

Strategic:  I believe the response time is quite fast, sadly not ahead since this problem has been reported to MH hours before. Instead of letting people creating hate at the forum, an announcement in the forum about investigation and asking for cooperation (giving reports) by those are affected by this bug would have prevented this outrage.

Now people started blaming other teams of causing the bug and generating hatred.

I can tell you that probably before the end of the server there will be another outrage that people who fake stats (example Kim) will again receive prizes and medals for this tournament where MH and TG is not doing something about it or giving us information we do not have to worry about them getting prizes.

Safiren: I have another question,  You seems to be a guy that like pranks. I saw reports where you reinforced the monovillages, the accounts that destroyed their own villages during the Union offensive last week. Around 5k phals if I remember right. Why?

Strategic: Oh! You mean me spiking their villages around them, where they used their hammers to kill my def 😀 I did this because I wanted to damage their off troops which were gathering resources for ww or themselves. But it didn’t go smoothly most of my def got cleared by big hammers. But as I said most 😀

There are some nice reports 🙂 This one is my favourite spike 😀

Safiren: What do you think will happen when server starts again? Who will attack who? Will Union go as hard on Uollas again?

Strategic: Union knows Dacia has no hammers to damage a WW (they did not have trainers), so will Immortals unlikely attack Uollas and will likely prioritise first to attack Union and CUP.

Since Uollas has more hammers than Union. Union hopes that Uollas will send hammers to destroy dacia WW and Union to destroy Immortals WW, so this way it will be battle between Uollas and Union not at the cost of letting Dacia or Immortals win the server.

Furthermore I expect Immortals to take care of CUP WW which will make this battle interesting. It will be a battle who is the first to lose out controlling each other, instead killing each other out of emotion.

Safiren: The fight between Uollas and Union before rollback put them both last and let Dacia go to rank 1. You don’t think it will be repeated?

I think Uollas, Union and Dacia had 60kk def each, IM 30 and CUP only 12.

Strategic: I heard IM had 40kk def, which why ops from union against Immortals didn’t 0 their ww.


WW 26–> 22, they did whole train but WW level ended up at lvl 14. I believe Union calculated it would go to 0.

I’m certainly sure that there will be made different decisions how attacks are going to be sent. I think WW hammers are going to be sent out earlier to damage WW at lower levels, instead letting Dacia get to lvl 20+. I believe at that time many did not expect Dacia to get 60kk def, at least I didn’t.

Safiren: Thanks 🙂 I met you for the first time in qualification on International, Rev meta, 2014. I know you are from Netherlands, male and you are studying. What? Your age? Any hobbies?

Strategic: My age is 23 and my hobbies are anime, series and gaming (before tennis, figure skating and judo, I’ve become so lazy). I can pretty much talk and have discussions about anything. For example educate yourself how desertification by what it is really caused by watching this video (TED) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpTHi7O66pI

Building plans coords

As you can see the movements this year was small. One plan moved from SE to SW the area was to crowded and as I predicted it moved towards Union area.

Union got 5 plans and gave one to CUP that didn’t get anyone. Uollas got 4, Dacia 2 and Immortals 2.

North West*= (-18|30) -18/30, (-35|4) -38/6, (-45|37) -48/40.

South West*= (-26|-25) -26/-25, (-10|-57) -11/-58, (-55| -20) -57/-20.

North East*= (33|12)  33/12, (12|33) 11/36, (10|56) 10/56, (55|20) 61/21.

South East*= (30|-20) 32/-19, (4|-35) -5/-40, (44|-37) 45/-37.

Natar def

Plan maps around 13:00, two are missing.












WW reports

Well server is down, most of my reports will be gone after the rollback, but Strategy posted a lot of them here 🙂

A lot of hammers waked from Union against Uollas WW and kept it down to zero. The favor was repaid and before the closedown  both was zeroed. IM WW was in top for a while but replaced by Dacia.

At midnight sunday it looked like this:

I think that when server was closed it was Dacia in top at level 34, IM and CUP around 22-25, Union at 9 and Uollas had finally managed to build again, level 3?

Let’s see which reports I had saved as images:

Immortals def

Uollas def

So many WWKs from Union visited Uollas WW, when some of them arrived the WW was already destroyed. Some of them will probably go on the other WWs after restart =)

Not all went on WW, support villages was a popular target and several was zeroed.

Reports from a local war between Prastoy from IM and Viejos Chotos from CUP.

1st we attacked Prastoy capital



he came for revenge: https://subefotos.com/ver/?4ae9c01928bc25da01ab3e7c30b09177o.png



Hit another village with his other hammer: https://subefotos.com/ver/?dc4e1330372ea8a99fac2f5a9552084fo.jpg

but was intercalated: https://subefotos.com/ver/?6479cc5330499219f0e34a42da3d7e6ao.jpg


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