Endgame 12 Mars

Due to the problems we have had on the server I haven’t write anything for a while but it’s maybe time to do it now before the server ends.

I have been told that I’m not allowed to have an opinion, I shall only report.

-Oh? So I’m not allowed to have an opinion if it’s not the same as yours?

I understand if you are angry about how the endgame turned out and you have voiced loudly in other threads that all should delete, but it is a lot of players that never write on the forum and due to the amount still playing I was right when I said that the majority would continue to play.

I’m accused of having sided with TG. Well.. TG is not so overly pleased with me for the moment either 😛

But my feelings aside let’s take a look on what happend after the second rollback.

Until now 1000 players have deleted as a protest that the starving bugs still exist. My last saved statistics is from 6 february and accounts have been deleted before the rollback from 22 february.

CUP have lost 80 players, 840 still playing.
Uollas: 430, 863
Union: 1, 1071
Dacia: 319, 538
Immortals: 300, 647

I don’t claim that my numbers are exactly right but should give a picture about it.

How have this affected the endgame?
At the first rollback the players was angry because the hammers running was back to home and that gave UNION the victory.

In the second rollback 3 metas decided to not play and with that gave walkover to UNION – so they will have the victory……

UNION’s lead is too big for any other to catch up.
CUP that was the meta with less def is still on the go.
Dacia’s WW holder deleted but SMURFS wanted to build a WW for fun. Rumor says that UOLLAS wanted their WW holders to delete to but REVENGE is still there but not building, COF deleted. SPQR decided to build instead.
Immortals, I’m told the account is on delete.

Neither of the WWs that replace the original primary WWs had enough of support to be a real opponent to UNION and have been zeroed several times. Most hammers with a bigger amount of catas have walked now.

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