WW review

All WW is taken. The Final strategy has taken a new course. We have already seen some new movements and I hope more will come. When the expected def in WWs will be so high it might be better to take down the infrastructure before Building plans to delay the WW building in an early stage

The Gray Zone is sparingly populated. Around the borders we have Victory in NW, GM in SW, Turks in SE and -COQ- FR in NE.
Turkey was first out grabbing a WW. Located at 9|-8. New support villages have popped up lately.
The player TÜRKİYE WOW has 2426 pop 3 villages including WW which he is not building on for the moment (rank 6326 pop, 3141 off, 178 def).

Victory has taken two WW on -12|2 and -2|12.

Brootalk has 7928 pop 9 villages ( rank 1549 pop, 6 off, 844 def).

PrepareUrMouse 7299 pop 9 villages (rank 1829 pop, 43 off, 152 def). PrepareUrMouse won the qualification on .ru 2015.

GM holds next WW on -5|-11. Fight Club has 9717 pop 14 villages (rank 827 pop, 39 off, 21 def). Rivals Great Confusion.


The last WW in Gray Zone belongs to ITA, 11|6. Orion981 has 13925 pop 21 villages (rank 194 pop, 1940 off, 1128 def).

An independent WW “for all free players”.



G&V has the WW 100|100, they settled there early and the WINter meta did so too. Natassa1 has 4639 pop, 6 villages (rank 3765 pop, 681 off, 62 deff).
The GT statistics shows a favor to WINter in conquered villages. The situation reminds me about my ally last year. The enemy was closer than our friends.


WW 0|100 belongs to No Limit. Ben-Hur has 11333 pop 16 villages (rank 454 pop, 832 off, 281 def.
Nice prepared meta cluster.



In NW is Dacia’s WW at -100/100. Beauty&Beast has 16787 pop 24 villages (rank 70, 47 off, 732 def).Rivals Great Confusion.
Not much of a cluster here, new villages have been settled.



Now to the opposite – the servers greatest cluster around the WW at 100|0, belonging to the Arabia meta.

ND.WwW 1561 pop 2 villages (rank 7287 pop, 5895 off, 563 deff). Only capital and a WW, the pop bonus is only applicable on the capital, not on the WW, but I wonder how much advantages it gives. Someone that can calculate? Account have been prepared for this, a while ago it changed name from البلدوزر till ND.WwW.



The Turkey meta has 2 WWs. The second on 100|-100. Hold by TIRSIN ULAN 16493 pop 20 villages (rank 66 pop, 71 off, 811 def).
The cluster at WW and the clusters around is solely Turks, all new settled villages too.



So to the second surprise this server, more about the first below. Ufffff took the WW on -100|0

Sséba 8414 pop, 14 villages (rank 1295 pop, 483 off, 896 def).
Ufffff is an Czech ally confed with Dacia. The WW is surrounded by Cerber, Thailand and COF. Let’s see how long they can keep it and who that will take it.



The WW on -100|-100, the Russian heart area, was first taken by Dacia in an operation that didn’t fall out as planned. They have done the same on a czech qualification against the Portuguise meta and had very fun with that. The WW on -100/100 was taken the same time to prevent a similar response.

Obscur 14733 pop 19 villages (rank 139 pop, 41 off 177 def). Unique Architect (inactive) Great Diet (active).
New villages is settled in area but not so close to WW.



The Russians fifth WW, -100|0, last taken. Russians have built from the WW and inwards forming a great cluster as a wall towards their own quad. That also gives them a shorter way to enemy WW,

Khon 12716 pop 18 villages /rank 293 pop, 1403 off, 485 def).





Turkey meta

TÜRKİYE WOW / İSTKLL K, gaul: 25.12 , 9|-8, 672 pop.

TIRSIN ULAN/ TURKEY, teuton: 30.12, 100|-100, 689 pop.

Dacia/NE meta

Ben-Hur/No Limit, teuton: 5.1, 0/100, 638 pop.

Beauty&Beast/Dacia V, teuton: 11.1, -100/100, 503 pop.

Natassa1/G&V, teuton: 11.1 ,100|100, 486 pop.
Sséba/Ufffff, teuton: 14.1, 0|100, 405 pop.

orion981/ITA, teuton: 16.1 (15.1), 11|6, 372 pop. Independent.

Arab meta

ND.WwW/ND..1, teuton: 12.1 100|0, 554 pop.


Russian meta

Fight Club/GM, roman: 16.1, -5|-11, 481 pop.

BrooTalk/Victory, teuton: 17.1, -12|2, 321 pop.

PrepareUrMouse/Victory, teuton: 18.1, -2|12, 296 pop.

obscur/[U], teuton: 11.1., -100/-100, 447 pop.

Khon/BAD, roman: 19.1, -100|0, 424 pop.

Turkey meta: Gaul isn’t the most usual choice for a WW and he have stopped building. Tirsin Ulan seems to be the primary WW.

Dacia/NE meta: Ben-Hur is my favorite as primary.

Arabia: Only the primary WW and the only meta that have chosen a mini account to hold it.

Russian meta: obscur is the one with the Unique architect and a Great Diet too, that makes him to the primary WW.

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