WW and BP 27 February

I’m actually surprised that it still is possible to damage the Russian WW. Down 2 levels today by the roman hammer. I don’t think the teut did any damage, but I’m not sure. I remember from last Final that 2 hammers in equal size hit Dacia’s WW. The roman hammer took it down 1 level, the teut did no damage.


Arabs and Turks tried to take WINters building plan. A lot of nice hammers walled. All reports on Russian forum http://forum.travian.ru/showthread.ph…

I give you the first, the biggest and the scouting 2 minutes after, 0.5% def left. Coup de Grace is still holding the plan.



Reports on French forum: http://forum.travian.fr/showthread.ph…

And Turks thinks neither armys or WW are no longer worth anything.


WW levels now: obscur 31. WINter have been up and down, 18 as highest and zeroed. 270h left = 11 days and 6h


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