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I’ve been contacted twice last week about if Russian players gets help from admins/MH to win the Final or to hide their cheating.

The first case is about the Unique architect. A Turkey leader claims that since Russians always get the Unique architect they must have help from admins to get it.

I tried to check where the uniques spawns but I haven’t saved any information about that. I have a feeling though that it often spawns in SW (my assistant says it was in SE last time).

The answer who has the power when it comes to where the architects spawns must be admins knowledge, I thought, so I wrote to Tschena about it. Due to the forum rules I can’t quote from that conversation but if I ask the questions here we might get an official answer, so here we go

Question 1: Can an admin from another domain or on .com affect where an certain artifact will spawn?

The second case was a bit more tricky to investigate. An Arab leader contacted me about a mysterious report. He claims that a Russian in NE used the same troops twice and this is a bit peculiar since the troops was walled in the first attack and no one survived. After a couple of days it wasn’t possible to open the second report.

I have contacted both the Russian player and admin about this. I had hoped to get a formula from the Russian player how to make zombie troops – including bat wings and snake venom – but he thought I was joking with him about using dead troops so no comments from his side.

We will never know if it is possible to use the same troops twice since there are no report as evidence. But how can a report disappear before a week has gone?

Question 2: Who can delete a report? Admin? MH? Which player? If attacker deletes it is it then also impossible to open for the defender?

Ameno answered:

Hi Safiren 

1) It’s impossible for the admin (regardless of which domain) somehow affect where the artifact will spawn. We don’t have (and actually don’t need) such option in the tool.

Note: There might be simple explanation, actually. I know that some veteran players (not only Russians) have been making quite complicated calculations about the artefacts/construction plans for years. (Like this thread, for example). It’s not against the rules to make such calculations and act according to them. Every player can gather that information from different servers, come to his own conclusions and try acting the same way. I can admit that the construction plans spawn spots were also thoroughly calculated. I can only say that 0 of such information was given away by the Admin (and we also don’t know where the artifacts will spawn before they actually appear on each server, so, this is not the option as well).

2) Report is deleted when both the attacker and the defender deleted them in their folders. This way (after some time) no one can open the report, including Admins. Multihunters and admins can’t delete players’ reports.

Note: About the whole situation. But since double troop is actually a serious possible bug abuse and quite easy to check, the partial info will also be very helpful. We can check a) troops history, and if we find some sudden and unexplained grows in troops number (which is impossible to reach by normal methods), the player will be banned for further investigation. b) troop losses – if player really had 2x troops and killed the both hammers (the original and the doubled one) quite recently, this will also be seen. So, all you need to do is to send the date, the player and any additional info about the case to CSR, so that he/she could check if this bug abuse happened in the first place. This is not something that is difficult to prove, believe me, even without a report.

Thank you very much for those answers! Nice that we found a way to do it without abusing the rules 

The term CSR is unknown for me. Is it what we call MH?


It’s Customer Service Representative (for com domain it’s Tschena). Some time ago the work in Travian Legends was split on 2 parts – CSR and CM.

CSR are responsible for support, multihunting etc: everything that involves 1-on-1 dialogue.

CM (Community Manager part) involves everything that goes 1-to-many, like forums, announcements, information, contests, entertainment etc. This part is something I am responsible for. This also includes answering questions publicly.

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