Artifacts and reports 2

Time for a new look on artefacts. There have been some movements, reports below.




Movements inside metas mostly. A great was stolen from THAI by Turks, report above somewhere, later moved to the Arab WW holder ND..WwW. The Unique is with obscur, one of 5 Russian WW holders.




Small and Unique movements inside meta. Great shows some interesting moves, PAN gave their to Turks who shared theirs with ND. ~COQ~FR stole one from Russians and today it was transported to Dacia.




Eyes are desirable. One small was taken from Turkey by Russia (report above). One great from NE by Winter (report above) and the Unique from Turkey by Russia.






Only change here is a small diet stolen from NE meta by Russia.




Trainers moves around fast in metas. A small conquered from Dacia by Winter (reports above).




A small stolen by Winter from ND.




A small stolen from Dacia by Winter and a great from Winter by ND.




Two small stolen from Turkey by Russia. The other report above






There is a lot red in the tables 😀 Russians have 3 more now though they lost a couple. TR have 4 less. Dacia the same. NE minus 4. ND and Winter plus 3. And somewhere I’ve lost an artifact – lol.


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