I have asked for comments from the WW holders. I asked the Chinese to get them in same tread. I’m promised at least 2 more. We will see. Friday evening and end of the server, ppl are out celebrating 🙂

I start with the Vietnam WW holder

Safiren wrote:

Some questions before end :) I hope you will answer. Have you read the interview with Chinese?

arena write:


Yes, i have, they are right, North East is in mess from the beginning up to the very end. It maybe because of us, unwelcome guest. :D

1. Well, i must say that ND meta deserve to win this round more than EU meta, just look at their biggest march to EU WW, such a bad investment in ram hammer (5x 35kRam), i hope they realize it now and just build canon hammers in the next round.

2. No, i dont. I thought that will be no interview on our WW so i didnt archive any report. I am sorry. The biggest hammer was just 200kClubswinger 50kTeutonic Knight 10kCatapult.

3. There are just 5 mil def on our WW.

4. We werent prepared for this round very well, many of us play World Tournament for the first time. We realize the importance to have Allies too late, after we were surrounded by enemies like Chinese, French and especially German :D. But on the other hand we did quite well for a small team, we had a WW for the first time, previous round we were just a supporter for bigger meta like EU meta. Many thanks for my teammates, who supported me until the end of the game. Our only ally in this round PT-BR-NL (ally Portugal, Brazil and Netherlands) and IA-DE (1 German wing), thanks for your teamwork and def support for VN. Especially IA-DE, without their help, we wouldnt conquer any Building Plan.

5.Definitely, we are recruiting more VN players for the next Qualification round. So I suppose we will have better score in the next finals :D


Well i have to admit that Dacia’s tactic against Russians by sending small hammers targeting their wonder every 2 hours is a good one. And we do appreciate the fact that they gather a lot of defences early on. Their leadership is really good. However, they are a bit bad-mannered especially their diplomat who asked us to support their wonder and while we are discussing with our council how to respond they have 3 hammers landing on our WW within 24 hours demolishing 8 levels of our Wonder.

We never have NAP with Dacia and we wouldn’t accept their invitation anyway but this kind of sending invitation and not responding you on Skype and sending hammers on you while they treat you friendly is really bad-mannered. I don’t mind if they send out hammers targeting our WW directly or he can choose to revoke his offer. But it is entirely unnecessary to send a diplomatic invitation like that and hold us on with no replies. There’s no way for us to work with Dacia this round or in the future.

For ND, i would say money does matter as we witness the transfer of their 2nd BP via Aegina and a player previously in our team named Hydra who was kicked right after we found out he sold his account to Arabians lol. And those rumours about selling artifacts are real haha. But they do keep their promise and treat allies well as far as i know so I would say they are good teams who can be work with. In fact i think NB worked with ND in last finals so yea! And their hammers are really nice as well. But still Dacia’s tactic against both quads are essential to their current lead.

For RU, I am happy that most of us come together and go against the Russians who were deemed to be the strongest meta and WW in this server with the UA. I wonder if they still have some great WWKs to send out but even if they do have, i believe it is too late to destroy EU WW at this stage. But I am happy to be against Cerber although they aren’t even the main forces of RU. We had a great time in the border and they are well-organised and united. They are really good opponents who stay until the end of the game. Really deserve some credits!

Last but not least on ourself, i must say thank you to my NB team as well as REN, Hellas, KAK, Swarm and TTT. I am glad to have these teams in forming a new NE coalition working together closely. Without them, we won’t be able to get a building plan to build the Wonder and without them we couldn’t reach today’s defence target so I am very glad that we have their support and i am delighted to work with them. However, I would say it is a pity that the North East is still in a mess even until WW but i am still glad that in the end we still prevented war between NB, REN and DI DE. For our WW progress, we knew that we couldnt win from the very beginning since we figure out how little defences we can pull together but still its a good experience in pulling different teams together just before WW war and build one single wonder together. We could definitely do better and we should do more on working out the internal relationship with our allies and with our own teammates but we wouldn’t blame on people who left us in the middle of the game cuz after all real life is more important than the game. No matter how, we won’t regret and we are happy to be in this game among other teams!

Best regards,



Comment from EU


Hello Safiren,

Sorry for the late answer, but we were a bit overwhelmed last few days of these Finals and I would like to make a long-short history about this server and our struggle till its end.

NW Meta began long time ago with traditional allies, from which, this server, only few teams were here :
– CS Team (KSN+MOD+Aegina+AEU+IK CZ) played with us while TTT started in the Meta and ended betraying us, (T was against us from the beginning) They did a great job at the end with a lot of deff and support on the WW.
– HUN Team, also a traditional NW Meta member that this year was awesome from all points of view, especially in deff (WW BPs were almost entirely deffed by them)
– BG Team, this year was small but with a good bunch of players that helped us a lot up there!
– UKRAINE Team, newly joined us, the surprise of our Meta, they were a great asset and a major factor on the SW border, Offensive and defensive players understanding the game very well, with great appetite for play.
– CN Team (Slovenians) a small group that tried to do their best to help us
– Internationals All4one and FU, in a far remote area of the map they also brought something to this win

– Dacia, well we began with over 600  players and we ended with 500 which is a good rate on a 2x speed server, we were preparing this from the summer, from qualifications, we made a lot of propaganda on the Romanian servers to gather as many players as possible and we were really surprised at the beginning that we could gather so many, we organized fast and we managed to keep the pace on daily alert. Pushing players to play to their maximum potential in order to make a difference at the end. So we got mini-hammers, hammers and real WW killer hammers that we used on the Russians well and kept them down for long enough for us to go up with the WW. Many defensive players with over 500-600k each.

– The major disappointment Hellas Team or the Trojan Horse Team I dunno how to call them, they didn’t do anything all server but skirmishes on the border with some DE allies, they wanted from the very beginning their own WW, always complaining and wining about anything, always asking for help…but doing nothing to help themselves! Those Greeks seem that they were the Russian Agents in our midst. At the end they attacked with the Russian locomotive on our BP.
That was the “short” story !

The long one, I dunno where to start it from …
The entire server was full of events all over the map, We had at the beginning few Turkish players (2 alliances) in our quadrant, we tried to convince them to move to help their brothers in SE but they refused so… we took action to remove them; we also had some small Latin alliance in a remote zone near our hammers area that we also had to take care off; every forest has its sapless trees and we had ours, a small rebellious alliance full of idiots and traitors PCR, we took care of them also.

Meanwhile, in SE Russians were occupied with the 700 Turkish players for quadrant domination which took them some time but they succeed at the end, we expected more Russian actions this round but there were only few and those on Dacia didn’t end up well for them.
On SW border Dacia and Ukraine had some fun with the Thais and  other NDs which demonstrated that they are very good players, the ND was growing up in numbers of Confed alliances and unified the entire quadrant, they had only few skirmishes on the SE border.

In NE, too many teams, Vietnamese, Chinese, Deutch, French, Northern countries, they couldn’t agree to sustain a single WW to keep up the pace in the race for the win, The NB were more organized and tried to run up between the fights, we had to bring them down too. (I recognize that I asked for a meeting with their leader for some talks but things were changed in the process and the talks didn’t occur).
Before the plans we had two Russian locomotives on our Hammers, they were synced on the biggest Dacia hammers (,, cocar, all blacks, ibra, …) we analyzed all the attacks and they seemed then coming on and cocar (1 russian missed and attacked hours earlier) so we deffed with over 3,5 mills, cocar also had almost 3,3 mills, at last we figured that they are also coming really on so we only managed to gather remaining of deff 2,3 mills which wasn’t unfortunately enough to stop the Russian locomotive there, we lost the hammer but they lost 90% of their offensive armies, on cocar they didn’t pass at all. The Ruteam managed to delete some defensive capitals in the center and we lost some deff there also.

Our attacks on the Russians came much more effective, we managed to steal 5 Russian army villages, mostly WWk Hammers from Hip, Jiatura, Action, Panik and cahr while we lost our armies on Рысь and Cassiopeia! Those 5 Hammer armies could make a big difference for RUTEAM in the end game in their favor.

We had 4 BPs easy ones to get even from the SW, unfortunately there are so many players ruining this game by buying/selling artefacts like ND did with the 3X artefact and the 2nd BP beside other artefacts.

WW race began with mini-hammers landing on all sides: we were hit by RUTEAM and we were hitting them aswell; the arabs were too hitting RUTEAM while they were getting hits from them, one or two delayed launches from Russians permitted us to jump up the WW lvls while we were massing up deff till we reached over 40 Millions and their mini-hammers had no more effect.

ND started also their hits on us, after their first hammer on us we’ve sent ours on them and brought them down till we finished our stones. Our only chance was to maximize our defenses on the WW so we did it. We waited the RU + ND hammers and saw their damages diminished or reduced to zero. We had a real ice-cold shower with the ND locomotive but rams don’t demolish a WW !
The first locomotive with 113 armies landing on our BP from the entire map was a thrill, we’ve got hit by ¾ of the map, Thais, RU, Hellas, NB, T, TTT, SE… all died on our walls deffed by 10,6 mill.

The second locomotive came on the 3X artefact Crash&burn Capital, a dumb idea, Stone Mansion 20 was there, around 40 armies they barely killed 1,4 mill deff from total of 10 mills. And their last Hammer didn’t scratch a thing on the WW.

I’d like to mention that in the last 10 days we had all day captcha going on the login so we were changing passwords 3 times/day since rumors were that there was a big price on our password hacking.

Finally I want to congratulate every team for its effort to support their goal to win, RUTEAM still a challenging opponent, ND a growing opponent with loads of cash in their pockets messing people minds, NE teams still have to play a more important role in the end game, we wait back the DE + Norherns in the META next year why not the French too.

At last, NW META guys you were great, we did well and we have to keep the Legacy next Finals together!






Emerik (Teutonic Steel) Dacia leader

I congratulate my team for this tournament, I believe it is a well deserved victory!

Our enemies are fine fellows and great opponents to have (RU , Arabs), but this year NW meta was the strongest combined team present in the game.

Thank you RU Team, thank you Arabs for an interesting round! Before the new meeting. With kind regards,





Answer from Right ND

1: Please tell me your opinion of this server?
4: How would you rate your team?
5: And your team is going to take revenge next year?

1: Was alright
4: There was some finals upsets caused our work to be average
5:  I do not know we are not getting any younger.



Deathstalker leader of FU

My alliance, FU, felt we should give the Arabs of ND a chance so we chose to side with them for the Finals. We spawned in the SE but then minutes later found out the rest of ND was going to the SW. We found ourselves an area to move to in the SW and with our second villages we all packed up and moved. I want to say that I am very proud of my team in that we were able to move to the center of a whole different quad before the majority of those who spawned in that quad were able to get their second villages. We moved to an area set aside for us and stayed in close making sure we dominated it completely.

It was not long, just over a week, before another small alliance that spawned in the SW and to whom we knew from the Qualification round joined us. Before they joined one of their players had settled by a ND Arab players cap with the goal of catting it down for himself. There was hostilities between them until they became part of the ND Meta by joining us. We were asked to make a deal for my player to move and give up that village for which he would be paid in resources to do. We agreed to it and some of the promised payment was received. Within days of this we got into a fight with a rogue Arab alliance who had villages in that area, as did several other players in my ND wing as well as a German wing of ND. My player who was to give up the village, named Doc, had to make troops to help fight. Another unaligned player had been chiefing villages from one of the German players and Doc was asked to help. In course of time he took back all those villages that had been chiefed. While this fight was going on the ND Arab player along with several unaligned players who later joined ND began to attack Doc’s village that he was going to give up without any message or warning. Since payment had not been made in full and Doc was placed perfectly for our fight with the rouge alliance he was not ready to give the village up. I convinced him to do so in the name of diplomacy.

Once they began to chief it again they not only sent attacks at that village but started to attack another village of Docs in the area. NOW they were claiming he had to move from the area altogether. That was of course never the deal and the need for him to stay to help us fight was important. Besides, there were others of both my wing as well as the German wing and a few other Arab wings in the area. They wanted him to move because they were afraid of him, simple as that. We kept fighting the rogue’s then the player who had been chiefing all the German wing players villages joined ND. We stopped all attacks on him however he kept attacking our players and the Germans and this time the other ND arabs in the area also got involved. We went in and destroyed the whole account of the player who would not stop attacking.

During this whole situation I was chatting with the main ND Arab leaders trying to resolve this however they all took sides with each other. It felt as if there was a racial bias, and I feel that is exactly what took place as there was no logic in their action’s. Then, out of the blue, many members of ND Arabs began to attack Doc, chiefing all of his villages on a massive scale. We fought as best we could but they did a great job of stabbing us in the back with their sneak attacks. We then declared war and left the Meta all together. There were a few other wings of ND who took our side, those who were not Arab, and helped us with defense. We killed many hammers but in large part only a couple of ND wings actually fought us for whatever reason. I broke off diplomatic ties with them and went on to fighting this war against those we had some warmly embraced with nothing less than a desire to fight on their side until the end. But betrayal of course meant that could not happen.

Once plans were released they sent a message through the German wings leader asking us for peace and cooperation. They were to cowardly to speak to me themselves but used a go between, which did not work. They only wanted peace so they did not have to worry about us at their backs and waste defense fighting against those they had stabbed in the back. We refused to just let it be and kept fighting them. After speaking with Crash&Burn of EU WW we joined their team in support of their alliance. We kept fighting the ND traitors taking resources from them and targeting their markets and trade centers. We could not do allot against such a large meta but we for sure did our best. It took them until the WW’s were in the mid 80’s to finally catch my hammer and the rest of our alliance went in as well so we could take as many ND defenders with us as possible.

Not only will it be my goal to forever try to make life hell for those traitors I can now see why they have made so many enemies. Playing without honor will do that. We have been asked to join with the NW alliances next year, they were very thankful and gracious of our support even tho it was not much, they showed honor and respect when they did not have to, and we ALL at FU say thank you to them in return, to Crash&Burn and all the rest of the NW alliance.





Tobias on Monkey  T. Troja

1: Please tell me your opinion of this server?
This server in NE was very special.
Before the Start of final, we had a Team of:
DI (international), IT, DE, FR, KAK, ID, NB
Soon after the beginning it was clear, that we only thought we have this team.
NB don´t think we are allied, they only thought that our chat is for speech a little about server. They do not hold their words they give us before start about our settling plan of the team.
So many trouble appeared. NB settle all over the map inside DE and IT areas and the fights begun.

Another bad thing was, that VN arrives in the quad and hold the 100/100 area.
On the border towards NW was a fight between DI/DE/TI and Hellas/HUN/TTT the whole round.

So we had the most time a 2-3 border war. later a 4th border with SE.
At the same time DE helps FR to defend their offensive villages, their artefacts and FR worked with small trainer and storage artefact of DI/DE/TI.

How longer the server was played DACIA asked for help for their WW, NB Wanted NAP.
So we makes NAP with TTT/HUN/Dacia, but HELLAS was on war.
NB didn´t answer after want to talk.
FR played with NB together, leave the first META but never said it towards the old ones.

So as resume of the Server:
FR betrayed our Team, Hellas want war instead of playing together. NB worked the same way as in qualification. You can not trust their words.

2: Do you have reports for my Corner?
I can not give you many reports, because We didn´t get an buildingplan (Because Hellas was at one a few minutes earlier than IT and FR betrayed us and worked with NB together instead of working together with their old team. (We defended their buildingplan offensives)
One of the biggest Action from VN against DE

Hellas try to chief WW

in both reports only the hammers, without chiefs or waves

3: May I have a screen shot of your WW with troops when server is done?

At the end, we had around 1 Million of Defensive inside the WW, because we don´t want more defence, because we can not build the WW. So the Team rates for have many fun at the end of server.

4: How would you rate your team?
We lost many player because of trouble with VN and NB
To many internal Problems in Meta to work hard as a team the whole round.

5: And your team is going to take revenge next year?
We don´t know in which way we will start next final. The only thing the German part know, is that they not will work with FR any more. we played many times with them, and every time we had problem with them. And this final they betrayed us, so that we can not trust them any more. because they joined in a meta with NB for buidling WW and they joined with HELLAS one of the biggest problem between NE and NW groups!!!

At the end I want to thanks my WWTeam Susa, Tobi, Timo, Andry, Safiren, Kim
All Leaders and Members of the Team that still working together until the end.
(ID, DI, DE, IT). Thanks that you stand with us on this final, although we didn´t had a chance in endgame. You did a good job.

best regards





Emerik, Teutonic Steel, leader EU-meta.

This is originally written on the Romanian forum, it is translated with Google translate. I have the permission to copy it. Thanks 🙂

First of all, congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all participants for their hard work on this final.

I think one good initiative admins and despite the fact that this forum is not so popular, tend to think that is still read by dozens, perhaps hundreds of players Travian which I address now.

World Finals is a highly thrilling server and each has their own perspective about events depending on the awareness and involvement. In any case I am not the owner of the truth, but I’m here to give my opinion and debate some key details about the server that can be useful in the future for those who will choose to play finals next ..

1. Even before the start of the final was led a massive campaign of recruitment and promotion of the tournament. I personally discussed and reached agreement with several Romanian leaders to try each to gather as many people even if not all profi. It matters very much to have as many accounts finals, even some players quit along the way, even remaining villages / accounts for farm / conquered. Starting with my gang of players, continuing his men Vali (Crash) on rox, and then the people around him Shevchenko, Simina, Sam11, Balki, ZeitaAtena to groups around him Rampage or tanathos have gathered about 600 accounts Romanian at home and 99.9% of them were properly informed about the dial home and our goal to win the final. It was essential that all these Romanian churches to cooperate and be united against enemies. It was a pleasant surprise even for coordinators Dacia which we expect to have a 400-450 accounts.


2. Diplomacy pre-determined. I think it was good to have alongside traditional partners KSN & MoD and HUN, they played very well, especially towards the end when they demonstrated the usefulness and loyalty of Dacia exactly when we needed more. Both alliances were in the top 10 sent reinforcements on WW / 3x / plan and sent food. Another partner BG tradition of our little disappointed, especially as they came only 30 players, of which 28 were defensive VRO, but something mattered and they have some good defender and deserve keep close. There were surprises in Chapter diplomacy: Delticom, Ukraine, who came with three alliances serious coalition that did their duty (to end the server Ukrainians accounted for 20% of all coalition members and I had to WW fixed 20% all troops, so were in the chart) and one less good – HELLAS Greeks after 2 finals played in court Russians more we have confused than helped, did not send nicidoata resources or reinforcements although we needed in repeatedly and in general saw their interests only of their team and so I fired shortly before the coalition plans. Maybe it was not particularly good time, but remember that the Greeks had betrayed the coalition and are suspected of playing cards Russians doing everything possible to prevent teams from NW and NE to work.

3. The start was pretty well prepared, after dozens of hours of debate, even prepared two scenarios alliances place depending on where Dacia will enter 🙂 Well but the Russians, the Russians entered the SE and NW us, fixed scenario was not ready, so the future would be better to prepare all possible scenarios, not to be stuttering 🙂 What I want to emphasize here is that it was extremely good idea to have players that enter the server Dacia at different times and occupy as many areas of the dial, it mattered more and occupation 9c / 15c and develop beautiful later. The biggest and alliances were developed and Dacia Dacia W W1 who played in the -100 to -200 and had great space, innumerable oases, cool capital alliance with Dacia’s big bonus while playing at the SW border and we were able to expand our strong south toward Arabs and from which I stole over 100 villages! Alliances like Dacia K, Z Dacia, Dacia V although they had many good players and have had active than lack of space, especially after a few weeks game had no place to found new villages … extreme density in certain areas map did not work to our advantage …

Anyway I thought that was a good start this year we’ve had at least five Romanian village who founded two very fast, top 10 early founders of the server. Dacia whole team and I had many capitals 15c and 15c + 150% + 125% so we moved with talent. for the next note you can not do this without the support of the team. Each account that goes in the direction of village 2 = 15c + 125% minimum, must be helped by other 10 accounts heroes to clean the oases.

4. Cleaning the dial. This year we had many offensive players and few enemies in the dial so it was not hard to eliminate them quickly. As proof that the day he appeared artifacts, NW coalition has taken all relics of dial plus I managed to steal some of the SW.
But a big problem is the lack of offensive coordinators. If other teams have three 10 we’ve played a final and without offensive coordinator.
It might be an idea for the future as an offensive player with experience to assume the role of C.O. and play a more modest account, or DEF, to have made plans for. On the server end made Katyusha (lg – Tudorica – Shevchenko) several plans and it was good, but a final in which 10 operations were neither attack as a team is clearly suffering in that department: coordination offensive.
I start with great thoughts and great enthusiasm, I took my personal team of SW border and organized several local offensive actions 5-10 Defender offensive and some trains to enter the waves of catapults. I conquered many villages from Arab capitals have erased some of the border, but whenever I have held a greater share, we stuck to the huge defensive walls, without seeing the report. He got people to send me to the church on a prayer something to do that every time I went out to attack us organized Lipe. The big problem were plans to attack or misfortune just around day 75 we realized that we had a spy in Russian alliance. Costin boy who played on zer0 account, used a simple password and old that knew and other people who played on other servers .. And so came into possession of password Russians, specifically the team leaders Ru team, who were fed with information from us and every time we had attacking action saw the account zer0 (who played offensive and was part of my team attack) is the real target and informal quickly people exactly where to protect the life lesson … we must know that our enemies will hunt us waiting to catch passwords and account access Dacia, so carefully use strong passwords and change them from server to server or even a once a month or as often have to sleep in safety.

Would have to say as to that as a group of Romanians – PCR – and gave bat in the pool and had to give him out of the team and we will fight against them until the end. robotelu, Mentel, GUFY, tafy and who were in there … to remember this rebel group tried to sabotage the plan and strategy Dacia, reaching as far as to give the enemy locations all hamerelor Dacia.

5. Artifacts – As I wrote above, we have done well this year in Chapter artifacts quickly and put hands on training only fast, 3x resistance artifact, artifact large and small barns, large and small artifact training fast speeds VRO 2-3 2-3 fooled, young and old spy artifact. Each of these artifacts have played an important role, but in particular artifacts troops want to emphasize that I used with few exceptions only to train Hamer ww and arrived in endgame to have 38 bullets / Hamer with which to strike WWurile enemies. Most hamerelor have been made in the wilderness, and was doing well. Far from Arabs, Russians … until coming away from their attacks was time to think, estimates, which are likely to be real, where we def, def how we there, beyond how we def etc.

(will follow)

4a. For added that on this final, things got a little crazy after artifacts. The Russians had a failed campaign and found themselves without troops artifact 1/2.

Due to the crisis was the Russian team, they gave up the spy ‘zer0’ Dacia moment when he received an account fooled. They attacked and stole the artifact, although tens and hundreds of people were online and sent defense there, the Russians sent back to vicariously work 3-4 minutes before the attack.
It was big scandal, anger and more, but one over the other cheek we beat the Russians to walk with misery and new team this ambition us even more.

Great care where I go artifacts final. If a player requests artifact must necessarily have the support of a leader for Dacia to ensure that artifact. Plus monitoring, static defense, efficient use …

5. Construction plans. A stage that was prepared well, people in the center had armies intact (Baba Yega, Pazuzzu, fefy Caesar Teutonic Steel, Katyusha), treasury, horn goofy lvl 3, and on account Katyusha was the speed and 2x so I was sure that we grab some urgent plans, even the quadrant we control us. And so it was, and the construction plan was quickly put WW builder account, the VRO 10 minutes after the Russians were faster in this chapter. Arabs, Vietnamese, French, Germans all the others have moved much harder. And as I said above, the Arabs conquered had only one plan from goofy, and on the second they bought with good money … or were removed from the game.

Removing the game of Arabs was planned together with the Ukrainians who were positioned well in SW, talked with RocknRolla and Sphyrna about it and were ready well steal the dial Arabs one or two planes, and the day before their appearance I RocknRolla moved to a 2x speed which has been instrumental in the capture of a plan.

6. Account WW / Strategy Endgame – Crash & Burn had been prepared and was known even before the start of server who will Builder, founded directly adjoining villages WW -100 | 100. Obviously played on their barbaric kept this small population especially for def bonus were trained Paladins on villages for farm, was made infrastructure capital for 3x and villages support around the miracle were ready many days before plans appearance.

I pushed the note on the day the defense and construction plans have emerged, Dacia WW def have about 25 million, while the Russians and the Arabs were well below 20. At one point on WWul Ruk (Ru Team) def and there were 14 million fell to 12.8 we start wondering if the Russians decided to move vicariously work elsewhere 🙂 the reality was that they had a team of s **** ww May this year and was starving at home, sign as any team level have not moved well, did not trade routes on many accounts and lost hundreds of thousands, millions of troops in WW elsewhere, they starve. Starvation in the days preceding the plans is very difficult to control, for troops papa 1: 1 crop, when it comes to -20 or -25 million crop / hour talk over human efforts to keep the troops alive without all accidents / cannibalism .

From this point of view our team of WW was well above the other teams WW and it mattered enormously. When hamerele Russians began to hit WWul us, the same scheme classic stripes controlled 3 in 3:00 to target unique: the wonder of the world – yes, the miracle fell a few times, but defensive that skyrocket to 40 million (With 12-14 hours before plans aLL iN WW asked of all coalition alliances) was a matter of time before we escape with wonder, and when you get over lvl 10 and have over 40 million def already do not give anyone the zero. Because all WWurile serious artifact strong race had only weakness is actively building Wonder of the World when it is at low levels. The solution is simple, bigger defense, including army attack on WW. If instead of WW 4 -> 0 was demolished only 4 -> 2 and 3-4 hours was struck WW 7 -> 4 Russian plans were thwarted and already panicked.

I mention that just hit WWul hamerele Dacia Russians in the first days after the plans and I wanted to 0 (zero) for almost 3 days
Russian armies and hit us and the Arabs, but had no cartridges than for 2 days.

Arabs began attacking us on day 3 after plans were already dropping when the WWul and then I immediately reacted and we’ve hit the Arabs to keep them down.

This strategy was provided and discussed in conference leaders n times, we relied on the fact that we let alone Arabs in the early days and they will hit the Russian with us, although I had no pact with them. In day 3 when the Russians were clearly taken out of the race for the title began bombing Arabs – WW EU, of which I was victorious.

Many people say that Arabs had more and larger Hamer, unfortunately for them have never had very good coordination and the shower head did not make more Hamer catapults. They shot at us with many Berbecar impressive, at one time the wall fell 20-19, 19-18, 18-17, 17-16, 16-15 … but I decided to leave the wall 15 and to supplement vicariously work to save time.

I mention that since WW EU lvl 19 (Dacia & co) was leading the race and I ww maintained its leading position until the end despite all the blows.

The Russians showed their frustration by sending maximum Hamer last 2 big they had (and obscure -NUB-) on our WWul although only one of them has done damage. If you would have used new and obscure ui Hamer Hamer’s -NUB- Arabs, Russians would be finished No. 2. But both armies have sent us in a desperate bid to bring victory in the Arab camp thing … yet I did not understand, but I’m glad they came out: p

Analyzing things now cold, I can say that we have done well and have used 🙂 but well equipped militaries is always room for improvement. I gave a little out of control WWul Arabs counting on the fact that Russians will take more time to 0. But the Russians have used a last cartridge Arabs one morning at 4 o’clock, and we got up until the evening and we realized that the Russians have armed attack there and have to hit them in November urgent Dacia hamerele until they reached the Arabs guys had to wonder lvl 20 and that has forced us to send them immediately hand all large hamerele you … With a little attention I had struck them quickly and efficiently and we won lighter, but nah, all victories Romans catch us upside gate and shivering on the defending team all last minute … I think we’re headed is written ^^

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